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Good morning all.Wet and very windy here in Yorkshire,the poor dog hasn't been out for two days and is going stir crazy,so am i!!!.Haven't been swiimming for four days as i have a trapped sciatic nerve again:mad: and finding the whole thing soooooo hard at the moment.I am so fed up with the packs,and shopping in Leeds market yesterday was torture.Every other person who walked past me was eating a tray of fish and chips.I felt like mugging someone:eek:.

Had my picture taken with the grandaughters on Thursday,and didn't delete it,so things must be looking up.I think i need to go and find a jigsaw to keep me busy in this bad weather .

Hope you all have a good day

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well done for not giving in Liz, the smell of fish and chips drives me crazy too.
Well more bad/sad news for me today, my great uncle has passed away. This last week has been so emotionally challenging, but today is my first day on RTM. Im going to get weighed in about 2 hrs and then i can have my first bit of food for 10 months so im really excited and nervous.



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oh wow!!!!I wonder what you can have.congratulations and have a bite for me xxxx


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Well it looks like it's gonna finish as a crap weekend for me - not only because we lose an hour of our weekend (anyone forget to put the clocks forward??), but my back is still killing me. Really want to go and see my brother (he's a chiropractor) but as I don't want to see them until I'm super skinny, am trying to be a brave little soldier and put up with the pain. Got to take my mouthy cat to the vets at 11:30 for his annual jabs, wonder if they'll do a voice box-ectomy while I'm there???

Have a good day everyone


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Hi all,
I am up to Norwich today for my Mum and stepdad's 20th Wedding anniversary. A nice 3-course lunch in a hotel with a bunch of their friends that I don't know.

I am well prepared with my cranberry raspberry bar, water and some Swiss Bouillon Powder laced with pepper and chilli flakes.

Joy of joys - hours in the car needing a pee and then sitting watching people eat.

Still it will be worth it in the end.
Morning, it's lovely and sunny here in Lincs, and I've got my washing out on the line. I think I might do the housework today and potter generally. OH will be home from Dublin later and he's been drinking all weekend so he won't be feeling great. I'll get organised so that when he gets home he can have a rest before dinner.

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Morning peeps

Sils - awful sorry about your Uncle. You are having a tought time. I do not know why - but it always seems like news like yours comes all at once. Thinking of you mate. <hugs>

Sorry your back still hurts Corey :( Have a nice hot soak. Then get your OH to give you a nice soothing massage, and then plenty of rest, with gentle stretches. I find its most comfortable laying on my back with a pillow under my knees....or on my side, still with pillow betwen knees. Take care of yourself mate. x

Glad everyone else is doing good - good luck at the party Mikey! Well done on your loss this week two - saw the other thread - youa re melting!! :D

Cookey, hope your sciatica heals swiftly.

Boy between my neck, various backs and legs - we are a grou that's hurtin'-fer-certain!! :D

Healing vibes to everyone! :vibes: :vibes:

I am going to look into swimming today. I have not wanted to put a swimsuit on for years. I have, but have not wanted to. I still don't want to - but not quite as much as before. :D I have heard that swimming is a nice gentle exercise for soreness, etc., so going to have a look. I absolutley LOVE swimming - it's getting over the fear of being seen in a suit that always prevents me.

Anyway - have a great day everyone, and will be on and off throughout.



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Cookey really sorry to hear you're in pain - hope it soon gets sorted.

Sil I'm so sorry to hear about your uncle.

Corey go have a nice long soak in the bath and get a massage as suggested. If you really don't want to see your brother then I think you should make an appointment to see someone else and try get yourself sorted.

Hope you have a lovely day Mikey - good on your for being prepared :)

MrsP - enjoy the peace before hubby and his sore head get back!

BL - good on you, I love going swimming - in fact I might get my backside back to the gym this week (though haven't I said that for the last 8 weeks).

Well I've had my nephew here this morning - it's his 6th birthday today and he says that when he woke up this morning he had growing pains and that he's now bigger than he was yesterday! Am just going to drink my coffee and then I'm off for a quick bike ride with hubby.

Today is one of those sad but nice days - my eldest son is in the Raf and he is going back to camp this evening after being on leave for 10 days and it's been lovely having him home. To make it sadder my daughter has got a new job as a nanny in Derby and is today leaving home to go and live a new life there. I'm made up for her and I think it will be great for her and if I'm being honest I'm glad she's leaving home (she's nearly 20) but I'm still going to miss her --- I don't think it's hit me properly as I'm used to the fact that my lad has left but still home a lot and in my head that's what she's doing. So we're taking her down there this afternoon.

So officially as of this evening I only have 1 child living at home - seems so strange, from 3 to 1 in a weekend.


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Morning All,
I am so sorry to hear of your loss Sil.

Oh dear lots of you not feeling so great, I will send you some healing vibes.

I had a wonderful night out last night, three girls out with a rugby team :D:D:D how lucky can a girl get.

Wishing you all a lovely day.


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Sounds like a great night to me Tange :D


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It sure was, and I managed to drink my 4litres of water after having a shocking day at home where I only did about a litre I has so much soda water last I caught up. Not sure how much I lost drooling over the gorgeous men though:drool:

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Well, no adult swims today at the centre so have opted for a nice contemplative private meander up and down the beach. So I am off to do that now. Looking forward to a light evening!!

Hope you are feeling OK katie after your little chicks have flown the nest. That must be so hard!!! <hugs> And hope you enjoyed your ride!! Can't wait till my girl is put back together - will be another couple of weeks due to finances and time. Grrrr.

See you later everyone!

Hi all, Sil sorry to hear about ur Uncle, may he rest in peace!

Corey hope ur back feels better soon, pls go to see an Oeteopath soon as possible, don't wait, as this could result in getting worse, and u dont want a slipped disc (the worst pain ever).

BL-Awesome with the swimming!

Katie- Be strong, your children are going to do good things in life! They are lucky to have a wondeful family home to come back too.

Tange- glad u had a gr8 night out :)

Anyway all, i need some advise pls, i think i am going to start RTM early. I am in my 12's st, however I am suffereing from constant headaches, feeling fainy/dizzy, weak, tired and everything. I may either give it 1 more month to try and get into my 11's and then start RTM, or I may just start soon. I have noticed that my body can't take anymore and I don't want to put myself through this. I think my body is now telling me to start RTM.

How much approx can one lose during RTM? I know everyone's losses are different!

What does everyone think about this, I really do want to continue, but i am looking ill and feel totally not myself , feeling very weak now!


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Thanks for the support, I made it through the day and am now back home. I have even done 5.5 litres already - not bad with so many hours in the car!



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Well I loved my bike ride today, hubby said there was a vast improvement but I knew there was as I just felt all the more confident.

We took our daughter to Derby, the family are really really lovely, a really nice couple and the children were gorgeous - full of fun and all playing in the garden with chickens and rabbits all roaming round - I just know she'll settle right in. Feel so much better after meeting them.

Just watching today's Moto GP with hubby and left him for 5 mins while I catch up on here --- be back later.

Slim - I can fully understand why you want to go on RTM now, you know your own body and what it can accept/needs. Sorry I can't help with knowing how much you can lose while doing RTM but there is a group just for it on this site - have a good read of that xx


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Slim, apparently you can stay at any stage of RTM for as long as you need, so could you start it, but stay in the early stages for a while? That way you'd lose more but you'd still be having more calories than you are now, so should feel better.
Corey i invested in a tens machine yesterday as painkillers just don't seem to help.so now i am enjoying a tingling electric current from pads attached to my back and down my leg.It seems to work but i am off to the chiropractor i think.

Hope every one had a good day and is ready for the weigh ins ahead!!

Thank you Katie and TG, really do appreciate it. Honestly i have been feeling dizzy all the time now, like the floor is moving around me, then 5 mins later I am feeling fine! This has started to happen a few times during the day! Actually i might do that start RTM soon and stay on the fewer weeks for longer then expected and see if I can shift my 2+ stones slowly that way! Or I may try to do 1 more month and then start RTM (just dont know if my body will take that long, will try to discuss this on the phone soon with my LLC, as i won't be able to see her for a bit).

Thank you all, may post again about this, :)

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