Survived Christmas but it's not all over yet...


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Just posting on my blog, thought this extract may give you a chuckle:

But it’s not all over yet. Oh you lucky non Scottish non Muslim people who feel they have survived the season . Imagine being me. I have Eid to get through – with all the traditional foods vermicelli with cream and nuts, butter and carb laden biryani and sugary baklava. Survive this and it’ll be OK. ~Oh yeah? Hogmanay to you! There’s all the drink and nibbles of a traditional Hogmanay followed by New Years Day – a day when the Scots do a BIG MEAL. My DH has bought a Goose.

Help me…….
oooh! Baklava! i made that for christmas! we love it! mmmmmm
Oh yehh its nearly eid soon. All my friends hav already started cooking!!