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SW Best 'staying on plan strategy'

I bought a wide mouth thermos flask, so I could take some lovely chunky homemade soups to work.

OMG's it's totally revolutionised my life.

Just wondering what helps you with staying on plan, a gadget, planning your meals in advance or just good old fashioned will power and saying 'No' when the birthday cakes are prowling round the office trying to subvert the super powered 2011 SW slimmer?

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A picture of me when I was younger and a lot smaller next to one of me at my biggest, stuck to the fridge and cupboard doors...

I also make a shopping list and take just enough cash to buy the things on it.. can't buy rubbish if you don't have the money for it..
I also try to not carry cash if I'm out.. again same thing, you can't get a pastie from greggs or a McDonalds on the way home if you don't have the money on you..


I am a planner but only of evening meals.

My biggest aid to weightloss though is my slow cooker it has transformed my weekends from stressing about what to cook after all the football matches have finished to having something cooking while we are out :D


Edit: forgot to add britmums slimmingeats website what a life saver, some of our best meals have been from there.


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keeping a size 30 coat,tqt i bought in desperation, and wore even though i couldn't breathe in it, every time i try it on shows me how far i've come:D:D


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Freezing things like SW friendly pizza and chips has mad a massive difference to me. I've gone astray so many times because I was too tired to cook rather than actually wanting to eat badness!
I agree with the slow cooker for the same reason :0)
Also we got a food processor for christmas and it has made everything so much easier. Chopping/grating/mixing is now an absolute doddle!
We also got a bread maker and I made some rolls using the tesco HE bread mix (not got further than that yet!) and some cheese so they were 1xHEb and 1/2xHEa.. they were the nicest rolls I have ever had! I think they might even manage to stop me missing white bread ;0)
For me it was persuading my boss to buy a new microwave for the office! I'm great in summer with taking salad for lunch but in winter I prefer warmer food. So now I have syn free homemade soup for lunch, or pasta and syn free/low syns sauce, or jacket spud etc! :)

Also, having SW friendly homemade meals in my freezer ready so when I'm knackered I can just pull one out and reheat. This makes the world of difference!


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