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SW Riot Watch!

Probably go down like a lead balloon, but on my usual footy forum, there are reports of a nightclub being set alight in Portsmouth and Liverpool is "gearing up" for a night of trouble.

I figure with the many thiousands of minimins users, people could report any problems in their vicinity.

Obviusly I mean from the relative saftey of their homes via local tv/radio - not going onto the streets vigilante style!

Unless you can get me a cheap ipad2 them pm me;)
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Im literally riot watching from my window in Salford!

The scum are looting Lidl.. so unfortunately no iPad but I can get you some lovely herring.. or coleslaw ;-)
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am waiting for my taxi driver friends to let me know but i dont see the point of rioting as the night club stands on its own waiting to be pulled down with the rest of them, all that is opposite is the pier with the arcades but that is all but then again i could be wrong

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Vigilantes in Enfield, all the people standing together to get rid of the looting scum bags. It's very peaceful at the moment & fingers crossed it stays this way X
I'm going to Birmingham with my Mum for three nights on Thursday. She's starting to get worried as we are staying in a city centre hotel although we will be outside the city during the day. I hope things have quietened down by then so we can enjoy our weekend away.
All is well in Bath!

Did here someone say earlier though "I thought it was all going to kick off earlier... He purposely hit one of the hanging baskets"

I hope tonight is much more peaceful and safe for everyone



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Supposed unrest in Stoke last night, however I have difficulty believing it, not a fan of the 'media' myself!

Riot van dropped two police officers off in town last night. My friend piped up "Dya think they are going to riot here??". I explained it was highly unlikely, unless they really wanted some Clarks shoes, some Daim bar pie, or a spot of jam to go with their scones.

....the things I'd do for Daim bar pie though......
Lots of rumours and reports on Twitter of rioting over the last few nights in my nearest town. A lot of town centre restaurants and bars closed early, turning customers away. Lots of worried people and lost revenue - and for what? Just rumour and twittering. No trouble at all.
The block where the nightclub that was burned down in Portsmouth has recently been denied planning permission for major development, make of that what you will


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Apparently (according to my local radio station) someone in Plymouth tried to stir things up via facebook, but only a few people, if any, 'signed up for it' and the stirrer put their name up as well!!!:eek: Apparently the police are on the case!

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