syn free chips


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As with all of the free foods, they are unlimited. But as with all foods, you should only eat until you are satisfied not fit to bursting (as I am so so guilty of). Enjoy!

Ps. I'm having a bowl full later.


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I think these things are about using a bit of common sense! Overindulging on any food until we burst is bad for us and could inhibit losses! I would just serve up a portion that you think is reasonable- a small portion if it's a snack and a medium portion if it's part of a bigger meal, not forgetting that if you're following extra easy that you should be bulking up your meal with 1/3 superfree! This is the grey area of SW! It gives us so much freedom it can be easy to overeat- we have to learn to listen to our bodies a bit more!X


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I made a portion of these for myself the other night. I made the same amount as I would normally have of frozen chips (about 2 regular sized maris piper potatoes). I found I was full after about half of them and couldn't eat the rest. Not sure if they are more filling because they are just straight up potato or if it's my new slimming world frame of mind kicking in. Next time I make them though I will only use one potato per portion.


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Yes they are free, but as alway you should eat until satisfied. If you eat over what your body physically needs then there will come a point where you won't lose weight and may even gain.

Also make sure your plate is a 1/3 superfree (fruit or unstarchy veg) and try to pick superfree foods first as a snack.