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Discussion in 'Syn Values' started by lucyhollie, 12 April 2014.

  1. lucyhollie

    lucyhollie New Member


    In need of help please

    How many syns in 5 squares of whole nut Cadbury chocolate please I can't find out the info anywhere!!:(

    Thank you for you help in advanced x x
  2. Minimunchkins

    Minimunchkins Well-Known Member

    lucyhollie - as it's chocolate (biscuits, cake, alcohol etc) there's no free food allowance so you use the 1 syn for every 20 cals rule.

    Look at the NV on the pack, divide the calories by the number of squares in the whole pack, then multiply your answer by 5 (the number you had/intend to have) then finally divide by 20. That'll be the number of syns.
  3. elsie75

    elsie75 Member

    hello could anyone help me ... i have just gone back to slimming world ... have all my old books but cant at the moment afford to go to meetings... so my lovley SW i phone app that was great for working out syns is now not working as i dont have membership.
    I have seen a chart online on someones blog about the 20 cal 1 syn rule ??? breaking down calorie brackets to syn values .. ie 5 cal to 14 cal =1/2 syn ... 25 cal - 34 cal = 1 1/2 syns .... does this work out ?
    I know it becomes complicated if the product contains a free food... but i want to be able to work out crisps, salad dressings, treats etc so i just need help with that really
    thank you

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