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Syns in Wholemeal Bagel can I use HEX


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No you can't sorry because bagels are not on the HEB list. You need to syn it and they are usually around 11 syns each. Work out the syns for your particular brand using 1 syn for every 20 calories


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Thank you. I wonder why you can do it with shop bought sandwiches though as they aren't on the list either.
I have only been doing this for just over a week so still finding it confusing.
I am sure wholemeal rolls are also on the HEX list so to me it is all the same wholemeal bread !
You can take a HEX off a shop bought sandwich *IF* it is one wholemeal bread (not white bread, not brown bread, not granary bread - ONLY wholemeal).

Bagels are not made of wholemeal bread, the recipe is totally different so can't be counted.


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Thank you. It is a New York wholemeal bagel which I forgot to mention before.
I will go and examine the bread aisles to try and tell the difference in the bread as I honestly thought wholemeal was wholemeal regardless whether it was a roll wrap bagel or bread.
you can only use 57g of wholemeal bread as a HEb, I can pretty much guess that a bagel is much more than 57g, also they are made much differently to bread, as are wraps. Most have oil in them and many more ingredients you wont find in wholemeal bread, hence why they cant be used as a healthy extra.

Also I know slimming world is not about counting calories, but for instance 2 slices of wholemeal bread weighing 57g in total (so qualifying as a HEb) is usually under 120 calories (so 6 syns max). 1 New York Wholemeal bagel is 223 calories and they weigh 90g approx (so 11 syns).

The only Healthy Extras you can use are the ones listed on the Slimming World list (which is updated frequently as Slimming World find new products), there is no substituting for others unless it is in the scenario as ermintrude pointed out and again it must be wholemeal.

Any bakery item which doesnt qualify as a healthy extra can always be worked out using 1 syn for every 20 calories, as they have no free food allowance.
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Thank you again. I think I am slowly starting to get it.

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