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The 45g rule question

I am getting there and understanding thanks to you all but i know we shouldnt have more then 15g per meal but what about if we have the odd snack during the meals. Do we add the fat content to one of the meals? At the moment i am not getting anywhere near 15g of fat per meal anyway :eek:

Also I know the sticky thread said it take 5 - 7 days to get into your system so when do you know it is in your system? Is it because you start to loose weight or do you get some other signs..... i am hoping not bad ones as i am sticking to the rules.
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I just have a low fat snack. I dont think the tablet stays in you stomach long enough to work on snacks too, so i just remember that i'm probably going to absorb all the fat in the snack rather than the tablets taking some away. So i stick to low fat or as near as fat free as i can.

I'm not sure about the 5-7days either. Just remember that every body is different and how we react will depend on your own body.
Ahh sorry i am sure i read 5 - 7 days. Good the quicker it works the better! lol

So will i get any side effects like orange oil or the runs or will the only be if i dont stick to the rule??
Basically, the tablets 'absorb' 1/3 of all the fat you eat and take it out of your body in your poo (can't think of a nice word! lol). The other 2/3's you use in energy. If you overload in fat, then the tablets will try to get rid of more than it can 'absorb' so it will exit as orange oil. So if you eat too much fat or eat things out og the 5g/100g rule, then chances are you'll get a reaction. Think of it like a sponge. The sponge will only hold so much oil and allow them to exit in an unnoticeable manner, overload the sponge and .... i'm sure your get whet i mean! lol
Fantastic thank you Wants to be Slim. Hopefully no orange oil for me :D I have been so good and not even snacked in between meals which i use to be awful for doing.


size 14 here I come
I still snack all the time, just make sure its low fat snacks :) no oil for me yet :eek: lol
Same as gonna, I still snack, in fact I plan my snack. I have a mid afternoon snack with my cuppa (either iced gems, or a cereal bar) and a packet of crisps (velvet crunch or walkers baked) or snackajacks with my supper of lentil soup.
I have had ice gems for a snack a couple of evenings and fruit salad a couple times during the week.

I suppose it is silly to say to ourselves we cannot have any snacks or anything. The point is to re-educate ourselves not to binge and to control our intake.
Exactly hun. I'm looking at this as a life style change rather than a diet. I think by not looking at this as a diet, I'm less likely to feel that I'm denying myself so called nice food (aka full of fat and sugar food :rolleyes:) and that when I get to goal by continuing to eat the foods that I do now, I'm less likely to slip into old eating habits. I think that's the main reason I'm not stopping the tabs at Christmas. In the past I've found it too hard to get back on the wagon after Christmas, not saying that anyone planning to stop the tabs will be the same, just that personally for me, I know I can't do that. Not this year anyway :)

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