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the brink of losing it!


rainbows holiday buddy :)
been good all day - then my fella plonks a packet of fig rolls and maryland toffee peanut cookies. i neither like nor dislike them but, because they were there talking to me, i started craving foooooood - namely fig rolls and cookies!!! i shouted at him, so he's moved them out of site, but the craving was still there. so i've just ate a big plate of couscous and chichpea dahl - feeling much better and back in control!

in the moments when you just crave crap.... sometimes you cave in, sometimes you don't....what do you all fill yourself up with?
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the only thing i do if craving something sweet is have a sugary (sweetner) cup of tea or coffee not the same but does help me as for temptation you gotta try n stay focused on the reasons you are doing the diet for in the first place nothing tastes as good as having a good loss makes you feel... as you say sometimes you cave sometimes you dont!!.....................my husbands the same always seems to have something that might lead me astray i dont think its deliberate but he defo has a cheeky glint in his eye when he sees me drooling at his chunky kit kat :) x


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What was he playing at? Mr Taz knows he's not allowed to put chocolate infront of me but he does and he gets told off for it!


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men eh, bless, suppose one good thing about not having one is that the only food in my house is what i bring in
I have a muller light toffee flavour to stop my cravings or at least try to curb them. Im very lucky my BFs a crisp man, he doesn't eat sweets, choc, or bicuits, and Im not fussed with crisps - happy days! Well done on not caving in MK xxx


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What was he playing at? Mr Taz knows he's not allowed to put chocolate infront of me but he does and he gets told off for it!
I've told my hubby exactly the same, he's also not to cook things like cheese toasties anymore!!


rainbows holiday buddy :)
men eh, bless, suppose one good thing about not having one is that the only food in my house is what i bring in
...and you get to fart whenever you like without offending anyone!!!


rainbows holiday buddy :)
You are so funny:giggle:I fart all over the place after a green day, I am convinced that as long as I say "pardon me" i am allowed lol, I can't believe I just typed that:eek:
my fella has farted infront of me twice in 3 years! once when he thought i was asleep and once infront of his 13 year old brother as he acts the same age as him when they're together.

i get terrible wind because i'm a veggie and only do green days. he doesn't fart infront of women - and in a way i'm glad as it can be a bit off a turn-off, but sometimes i'm dying to guff and either try and do a silent one(hoping he doesn't smell it) or i have to leave the room!

Nanny Jax

getting back on track
Awww what a gent, my partner and I were in bed about a month after we met, and we had a farting competition, that was 25 years ago, and the swine has'nt stopped since, you are so lucky Kaz lol


rainbows holiday buddy :)
i know - when he told me i thought christ this is going to be hard work (on my part) but sometimes i just can't help myself! then again i would never want to get into that dutch oven malarky with anyone.

he said he's never met a woman who has as much wind as me - but then i just play the veggie card! lol (has worked so far)

i also text him at work some mornings to apologize for my night farts!

Nanny Jax

getting back on track
Thats so sweet ^^^^^ my partner would be killed if he dutch ovened me, but he would if he thought he'd get away with it! he is 51 years old, and still thinks farts are hilarious, it's that boy mentality, he and 3 yr old grandson are best mates!!!!


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lol green days definitely don't agree with me, it must be the beans and soya mince. My fella farted on our first night together, how romantic.

monkeys bunny

need 2get my head into it
i dont belive your talking about farting lol

but greens do the same to me

i have McD's, minstrals and malteasers last night and i felt sick all night!
Hmmm my fella is a little git like that to so i can sympathise with byou there!!
He done it to me last week and i did cave in! i and i feel fat too.
Today is the first day of my "back on track" plan and so far so good. But if i do get the urges to have something naughty i have a Cadburys highlight or a bowl of savoury rice with loads of chopped up salad.

Another good thing is to save you HE-B if you feel you need it later on and have some toast (HE-B) or a bowl of cereal.

Hope this helps

Ruthy xxx

monkeys bunny

need 2get my head into it
my friend has this theory that if you have something salty it takes away your cravings, so she has some free food with loads of soya sauce on it.......i think she just really likes soya sauce but i guess it may be worth a try......can stand the stuff myself


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I'm going to cut right back on salty stuff as last week at karate and kickboxing I sweated like a pig and at the gradings it was running off of me. I know it was warm last week but I never usually sweat much and the only difference has been the potato wedges with salt on them
does the lo salt taste okay cause I seriously need to cut down, I'm terrible for salt and absolutely cover everything in it, and always getting told off

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