The *Smashing* Sunday Thread


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Morning Ladies --

I guess Mocha did not get up and start the thread with her ever-so-suitable"title".

As it is now afternoon, I thought I'd get it going.


Main Entry: smash
Part of Speech: verb (Action Word -- we are taking action)
Definition: break into pieces; defeat; destroy (We will "break" our losses into manageable goals;"defeat" the demons that led us to become overweight; and "destroy" our old negative self-images and replace them with new positive ones!)
Synonyms: bang, belt, blast, break to smithereens, burst, clobber, collide, crack, crash, crush, demolish, disintegrate, fracture, fragment, hit, make mincemeat of, pound, powder, pulverize (puliverize excess pounds -- I like that thought), rive, scrunch, shatter, shiver, slam, slug, splinter, squash, squish, trash, wallop
Antonyms: fail, lose (Truly the opposite of what we will do! Except, we will lose weight and therefore WIN!)

I hope everyone is having a good Sunday, thus far. Quiet day here... okay not totally quiet as DD is resisting doing her math homework.

I am a "Sunday Morning" weigher and show a 2 pound loss this week. Slow and steady... it is all good. I have now lost 11 pounds in 2011 (how appropriate).
Even with the slower losses (than in 2008), I should be at goal and maintaining by the time I leave to visit my sister in mid-April, and if not -- I'll be closer.

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Brilliant MM... yay to the 2lbs loss! Laughed at the word analysis!


Mrs Taurus

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Well done on your loss MM.
Master T and I enjoyed a swim this morning, now feeling all soothed and relaxed. Plan to play games with Master T this afternoon.

Hopefully we'll have a smashing time x


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Lol MinnieMel!!! Sorry, I forgot to start the thread - Doh!

Not too bad so far. Been busy taking kids to swimming lessons, fetching another from a sleepover, taking kids to a party and then some supermarket shopping.

I have eaten too many pickles including onions, and I know I shouldn't, but it was instead of the crisps I had bought, so a less evil.

I struggle at weekends as they seem so long compared to weekdays where I am distracted at work.

Looking forward to my final CD product already and it's only 2:45pm.

Need to focus on something else, really do. Only 2 days til my WI and really want to lose more than my recent losses.


Why Be Normal?
S: 192lb C: 192lb G: 138lb BMI: 33 Loss: 0lb(0%)
@Mocha -- Your bmi is close to 25, I think you might have to accept that your losses are likely to slower, unless you doing something unhealthy (like excessive exercise or visiting a sweat lodge). But, well done on getting to this point, and I am sure you'll hit goal soon.



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oh sunday has indeed been smashing :)

started with the laundry and tidying out madams room and then this afternoon i travelled to see my ex, havnt seen him in 8 months and have missed him badly, was so good to be able to touch him, hug him and smell him ( im not weird i promise ) cant wait till i get to see him again