The ultimate accessory for the kitchen


Gone fishing

The ultimate kitchen accessory, for dog-lovers everywhere. Made from white high impact plastic, dog-end attaches easily to tiles, walls, cupboards, doors and fridges. Mounting instructions included..

Dog End With TowelThe original cloth holder from slam, easy to look after, does not require taking for walks, cheap to feed, does not smell, won't shed hair everywhere, gets on well with cats, well - just ignores them really, and you can also use it to hold your tea towel..

And remember..
Should the day come when, after a long and happy life, it is time for your faithful dog-end to make that final journey to the great kennel in the sky you will be pleased to know that his earthly remains (being made from the same stuff as yoghurt pots) can be fully recycled at your local recycling centre. to find my Christmas list ;)
lol my kids would think thats hilarous. wonder if it's strong enough to hold a towel for drying the dog after wet walks. hmm