The weighing scales at meetings

joe egg

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Hello all, I've been lurking for a month and thought I'd step out of the shadows to ask a question and boost the Y chromosome numbers.
How well are the SW scales calibrated? Now that I'm not having epic newbie weight losses I've realised that every half pound counts! I just wonder how accurate the scales are given they have been bouncing around in a car boot before being plonked on the carpet at our meeting! I don't think the consultant calibrates them before the meeting but could be mistaken.

The other reason I ask is that I won't always be able to get to my meeting but wonder about the reliability of occasionally going to another meeting and being at the mercy of different scales.


I may be over-analysing because it is immaterial if scales are consistently inaccurate but I just wonder if this is lost when they're carted all over Kent!


Joe Egg
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Sometimes differences can be experienced between different groups - but this shouldn't be a problem unless you're going to different groups all the time.

Otherwise, it's unlikely that the scales will change a lot week by week - they may not be 100% accurate in measuring your weight, but your change in weight should be spot on (and that's what really counts)!

Hope that helps a bit...


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I believe that the scales are very accurate and regularly calibrated.
Weighing in at different classes should not be a problem, as I believe all SW scales are the same.


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I use the same make of scales to weigh babies. I have them in and out of my car all day. We have them calibrated yearly and they all weigh within 40gms of each other (less than 2 ounces difference) They need to be pretty accurate because we calculate drugs and feeds for sick babies based on their readings. Hope this helps xx


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I understood from my consultant that the scales re calibrate every time they are turned on and off.


I want to be fitter again
S: 11st8lb C: 11st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 29.1 Loss: 0st8lb(4.94%)
I understood from my consultant that the scales re calibrate every time they are turned on and off.
In a way they do but as with any weights and measures equipment they have to be calibrated with an computerised pre determined weight as well. xx


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I had a problem before with scales, it wasnt slimming world though, it was weight watchers. I had been particularly good that week, really good infact and just knew I had lost weight. I noticed a few people getting on the scales in front of me, were all surprised to see that had sts or gained, their wasn't very many losses at all and I could hear everyone saying how good they had been. So when I stood on the scales and had gained 1/2lb I was gutted. I know it is only half a pound, but I had really stuck to plan that week and there was no explanation for it. I asked if I could be weighed on the other scales, because of the unexpected disapointment I had seen from other members, but they wouldn't let me be reweighed. I came out of there feeling really demotivated.

The meeting was packed and I just dont think they wanted it known that these scales might of been faulty as it would of been chaotic with only one set of scales working.

I ended up falling severely off track that night as I was so upset, but when I got weighed the next week I had lost 6lbs.

I am convinced to this day that those scales were faulty. I have no problem excepting when I have gained, but I just knew that week, that it couldnt be right.

But with all that in mind, I think it is very rare that this would happen. They are good quality scales the majority of the time.

You'd have to be extremely unlucky to get a dodgy set of scales everytime you get weighed.