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Things I learned yesturday


Mad as a Hatter
Ah but are you going to test that these statements actually are correct... ? especially the Toothpaste one..

We want to know.....

Come on Charlotte - you can't come on here without substantial evidence ..:D:D

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Lol...toothpaste dissolving eyebrows?? Never heard that one before! Or tipex for that matter!
Tootpaste is good for spots!! dab some on a blind spot and it clears it up overnight...now that does work...tried and tested!
I agree with Scarlet Daisy...why on earth would anyone want to waste a mars bar like this??? Lol...just not right!
agree with the toothepaste for spots!! not sure about the tippex tho, i do however know someone who did the mars bar thing to their mate while he was asleep in a drunken stuppor!!


Slow but sure....
Ha Ha - thank you Charlotte for a funny and informative post - I suppose it is a good place to put a mars bar if you are tempted to eat it as a midnight snack - LOL....X
Cann't say I have tried any of them, but I just might have a go at the mars bar on my son next time he comes home from the town after a night out. It will be my revenge for him putting his hands in the freezer till really really cold and then shoveing them up my top all over my back. He's a right tease. According to my girls the toothpaste and tipex apparently are a very well known antic! I thought I brought em up better than that lol.

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