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Thinking of Changing from SW to WW

they do have a similar sort of plan to slimming world which was called the no count plan not sure what they call it now though where you could eat freely from the no count list then you had 21 points for extras ( unlisted food ) to use through the week.
The other option is Points, all food are given a point value work out by the calories per 100g and the Saturated fat
how many points you need is decided on a number of factors including weight, age, activity and so on

I was a slimming world follower on and off for a few years before I joined weight watchers. I had always had this idea in my head that weight watchers would be hard to follow due to having to calculate points for everything and I assumed you wouldn't be eating much food for that number of points. How wrong was I!!!!!
As long as you have the books or you join online or have the weight watchers calculator you can easily find out the number of points in anything, and it's amazing how quickly you learn off by heart how many points are in the things you eat regularly.
I also love weight watchers for the fact that there are many convenience meal options available that are still low in points for us busy mums or people working. ( I highly recommend the m&s ones - delish!!) Also the fact that I can still eat some of my "Junk" food without breaking my diet. A lot of my favourite crisps are only 1/1.5 points :D
I bought the 2010 shop, eat out & tracker books off ebay and that's really helped me on my way, 6lbs down on week 1 :)

i did slimming world last october and left after one week! i was pissed off i followed the planand only lost 1lb, it was too much free foods i think i like rules ie dont go above your points value.


WW is the only programme I have ever followed and I only started that in October of last year. I can't believe how easy I have found it and as I have said numerous times before I am really enjoyng my food these days!

WW loyal :cool:
Thanks everyone.

That sounds good.

I like cooking and don't use hardly any convenience food (apart from jars of sauces on a Sunday with chicken breasts) so its a diet with regular 'normal' food I was looking for.


Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
i have found WW the easiest diet to follow, BUT i still really crave doritos, and cakes and chocolate. But im hoping it'll end after a while. its only been two weeks. Although i havent caved so thats one thing i guess, but i still REALLY want to pig out.
Thanks everyone.

That sounds good.

I like cooking and don't use hardly any convenience food (apart from jars of sauces on a Sunday with chicken breasts) so its a diet with regular 'normal' food I was looking for.
A lot of people on here do all cooking from scratch, its what WW recommend too :) Theres a common misconception that WW is all convenience food and WW products - its most definitely not

I find it lots easier than SW and a lot less restrictive


I'm the tortoise.
I've done both. I got to goal on WW really easily, it was a struggle and I found I had to be really focussed on the plan, I did points. I think if you're struggling with SW, there's no harm in trying WW and seeing if it works better for you. I'm only staying with SW because I love my C and my group, and also because I find it easier to follow.
Thanks for your replies. I'm thinking that it might a good move to change my mind set and sharpen my focus as well.

Well worth a shot anyway!!

I can't find out what diet plans WW do now ... I remember Core and Points but don't know what the latest plans are
Hey hon. I lost my weight with ww, and found it extremely easy to follow. I always used the points plan, and loved that you have ANYTHING in moderation!! Now I am maintaining, I am getting a bit sick of counting, recording and weighing ut haven't the confidence to stop following a lan because I am desperate to not gain. So I did SW there for a few weeks. I thought it was great and loved not weighing and counting. However I found myself craving some foods that I couldn't have on SW!!! So I have been back to points this week. I think I might swap between the 2 plans a bit until I get the confidence to be a little more relaxed with my eating.
I'm just thinking ahead now - about a shopping list.

The class I have chosen is Wednesday night and I'm going shopping on Thursday so there isn't much time to read the bumf, decide on which plan and plan the week's menus.

Is there a shopping list for basics in the information I receive, do you know?
I am not sure, theres a week long plan called 'fast start' but I don't know if it contains a shopping list, if not it wouldn't be hard to compile. I haven't my book with me right now. I would imagine it would.

But its not like sw, you don't require certain foods. The easiest thing would be to stick with easy meals that are easy to point iniatially. So meals like lean meat or chicken with potato and veg. These items are easy to weigh out and work out points. Also the normal stuff like pasta and tinned toms etc, maybe some frozen or tinned veg. Also whatever you like for brekkie - maybe cereal, porridge etc. Then you can just weigh it out and point it when you get your books.

This is the main diff between sw and ww - with ww you really can eat anything so long as its in moderation and you point it accurately. I change between the 2 plans and one thing I noticed on here was that when people were snowed in it caused the sw people much more trouble than the ww people, cuz the sw'ers panicked when running low on eggs, yoghurt and fruit!!

Why not have a look at recipes and food diaries on here to get ideas.

If you are really stuck you could always get a couple of ready meals to have until you get a chance to read all the info, but really that shouldn't be necessary. All you need to do is calculate your personal points allowance which will only take a minute, then you know where you are at and can get stuck in!

Counting points soon becomes second nature, and you will find it really easy when you get used to it.
Thanks ..... the menus will be a good idea.

I do remember an Oat and Apple Biscuit 'biscuit' that I used to make for lunch (with dried milk) that we had for lunch a lot when I was on WW previously.
Off to class tonight. I'm going to do it .... although I was looking at the menus and having quite a panic because there doesn't seem to be much food on them .... and I would be hungry on most of them!!!!!!!! Eeeeek
Play around with it hon. And you will be surprised because they do direct you towards more filling foods now, and you can bulk them out with veg etc. Also your points reduce very gradually as you lose weight, so you don't really notice you are cutting back. You will be grand, I have a huge appetite, but never feel hungry on ww.

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