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Thinking Of Joining Slimming World

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Slimming World is great over christmas, theres nothing you are forbiden to have which means you can still enjoy ur christmas and still have a good weight loss!! Ive been on the plan over christmas before and I lost 3lb by next weigh in.

I really do want to join but I am nervous to walk into the class. do you think that I could lose some weight before christmas. I don't to but anymore weight on as i am just getting bigger and wider, I know 2 stone is not a lot to what some people need to lose, but it is a lot to me because I am only small I am only 5' 1". I have tried to lose weight on my own but I always give up before the day as even finished. I just thought that going to a group my keep me on track and stop me from giving up. sorry to keep ranting on
S: 14st1lb C: 13st2lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 0st13lb(6.6%)
You defo should go group!! Its the first step thats scary but now I look forward to my monday night to see how everyones done and gt ideas for teh week ahead!!
You could defo lose weight b4 crimbo which will make you feel great for wen u go out and see vry1!!
Without group im was exactly like u starting a diet at 8.30am and losing track of it by 12.30pm!! With group Iv got something to aim for and a reason to stick to it!
Im so much happier now and ive only lost 11lbs but its the start of something which gives me the will power over christmas to carry on!! xx
dont think about it just go along to class u could easy have lost half stone for xmas

joining sw was the best thing i have ever did and as some one says u can still have xmas its a great plan wish i had did it years ago :)

good luck
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Ok so if you don't go to class you could end up gaining even more weight & then what in the New Year, would you make more excuses?

Go to class, you will get lots of ideas about what you can eat, the best low syn/syn free foods.

SW have a new book titled somthing like 'Extra Easy Christmas Cook book' it's only £5 & there are lots of lovely receipes in there.

I only had 16lb to lose & felt like you it wasn't much but if I didn't do anything the weight would just keep piling on.

Going to class will be the best thing you've done in a while, you can definately lose weight before Christmas.
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Definitely join pre Xmas- I've lost half a stone in 3 weeks- u cud too, and that's 25% of ur target!!!

Also after christmas- TONS of people will b joining so there will b more time for ur consultant to help u pre Xmas.

And as others have said- Xmas can b SW friendly if u want it to to b. I'm planning on having a synful Xmas day but hope to keep on track the rest of the time.

Good luck- whatever u decide!
sign up now, think of it this way - if you lose before xmas, but gain whilst xmas - there will be no damage.

If you dont join, and gain over xmas you will have that much extra to lose!!!

good luck xxx


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Do it!

Honestly i was in the same boat as you a couple of weeks ago but i am soooo glad i did it.

Like what has already been said you could be half a stone lighter by xmas and well on your way to your target, what a present that would be!

Good luck whatever you decide,



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i kept putting off going, first of all i only needed to loose about a stone and a half. Then i tried at home with a couple of friends by which time i needed to loose just over 2 stone.
by the time i finally got my backside into gear and went to group i needed to loose just over 3 stone. Im about half way there now and its the best thing i have ever done.
you could loose half a stone between now and christmas, and being a slimming world member you could maintain that over christmas or if really determind loose a few pounds.
Walking into group for the first time could be daunting but its never as bad as you anticipate. Dont sit alone at group sit next to some one and get chatting its a friendly group and you all have the same thing in common, you will get loads of inspiation and ideas:D
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Definately go for it, I've lost 20lb since 20th Sept and I Love SW, best 'diet' I've ever done.
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Go to group you have nothing to loose excepts some weight lol, I have been doing SW for the last two weeks and I have lost 11lbs and I can honestly say i have never been hungry or felt deprived, I still have my Chinese on a Saturday night, have a look at my food diary. To be honest it does not feel like a diet, my hubby still can not get his head around it, the amount of free food is great :D

Well whatever you decide, good luck :bestwishes:
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All I can say is I wish I had gone sooner! Joined 2 weeks ago and have already lost half a stone :)

I'd advise going along to a meeting, the consultant will talk through the plan with you and you can see what goes on etc. There is no obligation to join but if you like what you see then then you can sign up at the end.

Best of luck with your decision making!


I see the light!
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I really wish I had gone sooner, its a really easy "diet" to follow, nothing is really forbidden as long as you don't go overboard. The meals are normal foods that the whole family can enjoy! Christmas can be done Slimming World way really easily, with the extra treats as syns, and then any weight gain over the Xmas period comes off really quick if you get back onto to the Slimming World way!! Join, you really won't regret it!!

Helen xxx
S: 13st9lb C: 13st7lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 33.5 Loss: 0st2lb(1.05%)
Definatly go, i was like and real nervous, i just took a deep breath and walked through the door...straight away a lady started talking to me as if she had known me for years, defiantely put me at ease. The whole group i go to is really helpful and so friendly.....ive only been going a couple of weeks but i look forward to my thursday nights now :)
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As everyone else has said - just go for it!

You could put on weight between now and Jan but if you join Slimming World now you should lose weight before Jan.

I was really nervous when I first went but everyone at my meeting is really lovely!

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