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Thinking of swopping to Slimming World


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hello everyone, hope you dont mind me posting on here as am a current cambridge dieter but after a 3 week holiday am struggling:cry: to get back into the swing of things and am thinking that maybe slimming world is the way forward. As realistically as good as CD is, I can't live like that for the rest of my life, I need to learn to eat healthily and to stop binging.

What is everyone's average weight loss per month??

Have a pile of sw mags beside me that friend has just given me and mouth is watering!!!

thanks for listening xx:)
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Hi Nat,

I did 8 weeks on Lipotrim and lost 2 st 10 lbs, I have been on Slimming World for 2 weeks now and lost 6 lbs....I know it's slower, but I now have a social life, I'm off to Cyprus on Wednesday and I can't wait to try all those Greek salads...couldn't have done that on Lpiotrim:D


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Anything from 1-4lb a week depending on how rigidly you stick to it. Come and join us, we are a friendly bunch and eat lots! x


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hi nat:),i too was on the cd and i lost about 5 stone,but have been awful since christmas and put two stone back on:rolleyes:,so i started slimming world on monday and im loving it..its great to eat with the family...good luck whatever you decide
Hiya hun
Good luck!


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S: 17st12lb C: 12st4lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 5st8lb(31.2%)
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slimming world is really good and when I've lost my weight I shall do that so I stay focused. Dont expect more than 2-3 pounds a week tho. x
I love SW. I lose 1lb a week on average, but I'm not a fast loser! When I went to class, people lost a lot of weight and a lot faster than I did. It all depends on how much of a lifestyle change it is for you I think, and how much you have to lose - like any diet if you only have a few pounds to get off, it takes a long time; if you have more to lose it's quicker.

It's a healthy plan though, lots of fruit & veg, and the only 'diet' I can do as I've got a big appetite!
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I prefer SW to other diets, as I don't want to deprive myself of foods, and with kids and going out and about quite a bit, I would find it impossible to do anything else. When you stick to it properly (which I REALLY need to do), you can lose about 1-4lbs a week, depending on how much you have to lose.

Good luck with it, it definitely teaches you how to eat healthier.


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thanks girls, am giving CD one last try but am def going to move to slimming world when near goal to learn a healthier way of eating!

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