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***THRILLING 'sensational skin' THURSDAY***

Hello dear daily threaders

Hope that everyone is doing well.

Just nicked the idea for today's theme from a recently posted thread; we want sensational skin (or the best achievable) and no thanks to the sagging variety.

Up to central London for me, area meeting at work with a catered lunch provided. Thankfully I really am in that 'right place' and not bothered about people around me eating. One colleague doing Lighterlife Lite so I have her support, but luckily the whole team is very encouraging.

But back to the main business of the day, good luck with CD :fingerscrossed: x
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Hello guys and gals, well don't exactly know what exercise to do for this one. must admit though I'm seeing loose skin around the inner thighs... Not good! On a positive note though I went to see my CDC yesterday to get porridge and bars and couldn't resist a wi. Proud to say I lost all the Xmas foolishness and back in the overweight bracket... Next stop is healthy range!!! well have a great day everyone
GOODMORNING, Hope u all have a productive day. And keep it up with our bestfriend Cambrigde. All the way....we will lose those weight in no time! God Bless U All...!
Thanks for the positive messages Enlightenme and Zentje, it will help brighten up a dull and dreary looking London morning.

Woke up much earlier than usual, have already had 2 out of 4 foodpacks because I feel hungry ... what makes me think that today might not be one of my best ?!

Will definitely be back here later to report on my angelic (I hope!) behaviour in front of the lunchtime buffet. I can do it, we all can! x


Slimming down the aisle
BB hope your meeting goes well. Can imagine it makes a huge difference having supportive people around you. They'll be able to see how much of a difference it's making which will help too! I'm sure you can resist that buffet, just take yourself well away from it.

Great news on the WI, EM, knew you'd do it! Just realised that you're half way to goal! :)

Good morning Zen! That positive attitude will help, a lot. I need to start being like that!

I had a bad night last night, but we won't mention that as it was yesterday, so moving on and up! =/

I've got an odd couple of days ahead of me. I'm heading over to my sisters shortly where I'll be spending the day, and then staying over and in the morning we'll be driving to Glastonbury for me to do my interview for my dissertation. So food wise, it's awkward. And I know that in that house it's going to be extremely difficult to stay 100%. I found that Tuesday night when I had a meal I was actually really full, and was able to go I'm full now and then stop.

I'll be out of ketosis because of last night so what I'm thinking I might do is have today as an 810 day and just ask that dinner be something that I can work into that kind of meal. So if it's something like chicken and something, I can have that with some salad leaves, and I'll be happy with that. And then tomorrow I'm going to be on the move in the car or on the train from 8am until about 8pm. My sister had planned to go for lunch somewhere, so I think again I'm going to request a healthy choice, and have a chicken salad, that way I can have a shake in the morning for breakfast, and then a bar on the way home on the train, and have my final pack when I get home.

I know some people will say that I should just stick to SS, or that they would just stick to SS, or that they personally would, but I think that by me doing this I'm only adding about 250 calories (probably less as I won't have the milk) but it will stop me from doing greater damage! I've spent a fair bit of time thinking about it and I think it's the right choice.


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Caroline - I think your choice sounds very sensible!

I had my weigh in today and am down from 24st 1 to 19st 4. All is well in my world - apart from my mobile phone bill which is ridiculously high and I am about to hop in the car and go to the shop and complain.

I've had my first soup, will take water with me in the car. The sun is shining. This weekend is the fair here in the village.

Now I just need to be able to keep my temper with the first of the 5 groups of students I have this evening and I will sail through to the weekend with a happy smile.

BlingBabe - don't look at the buffet table!


Why Be Normal?
Morning Ladies -- I was going to go to the gym this morning and try the "power pump" class, but I am rather sore and stiff from the combo pilates/yoga class. So, I think I will make today's workout a dog walk, power shop, etc. thing. So, thanks Bling for the "Skincare break".

I recommend Soap and Glory's shower sugar scrub. It is fantastic for exfoliating your skin... and I think the Avon Anew products are good, too. But, my best advice for better skin is drink your water, avoid the sun, moisturise, and "de-stress".

Have a great day!

CG -- BB your food choices seem very adult.

Good morning all.

I had a IV drip of anti-inflammatory for my eye condition yesterday (My CDC know and Doctor is aware of diet). So I feel pretty sluggish today :jelous:. I'm very hungry.

Just a normal motherly day today. No work till midnight tomorrow night so I'm going to enjoy it!

MM - I want some of those Soap and Glory products. I think I might treat myself to one or two a month lol. They all sound lush.

I'm not going to do individual replies as I don't want to miss anyone out.

Sooo on that note, I hope you all have a good day and enjoy yourselves :).


please try again
morning girls, hope everyones having a good one

so today i will be slapping on bio oil and mousturizer for the sensational skin ( think mines a lost cause )

more ebay has turned up today, thank you caroline for reminding me it exists, think i will have enough to get by at the 16's when it all arrives :)

only had one pack yesterday, it was so late when i had the first one and a migrane was already kicking in so it didnt stay down :(
had an early night last night, he woke me at 2am to check on me but i was still in pain so bless him he fetched me water with some cd flavouring in it and 2 paracetamol and i feel much better today, have made a start on my water and think i will have 4 packs insted of 3 today to make up for yesterday. sadly i wont be having my mousse this week as i checked my order when i got home and no mix a mousse :(


running strictly on fat!
I had my weigh in today and am down from 24st 1 to 19st 4. All is well in my world
You go girl - congratulation on your fabulous loss so far x

Caroline - I have been doing simmilar plan and it does work for me so good luck with your next few days.

BlingBabe - oh buffet! I'm sure you can do it - in a very freakish way since on CD I actualy enjoy the smell of food without need of eating any! Never thought it would be possible.

Soap & Glory I could not live without it - especialy body butter - it's irreplacable!!! and I did try loads of different ones. LOL

Girlies - have a lovely Thursday and be a very good girls!!!
Hi All,

I hope your week is going well so far! I'm totally cool with skin being our 'organ' of the day, I'll be doing some toning exercises and lathering on the firming lotion!

I kind of officially changed my diet earlier in the week. For whatever reason I've been set on the fact that I need to be doing SS and nothing but, however I've failed this almost every day and done SS+. I just finally said to myself "well this is dumb, its not much of a difference and why am I fooling myself?" The minute I said I'd switch to SS+ this diet just got 20 times easier... I have no problem sticking to SS+ for now and fine myself even more excited for the next day to roll around.

Its funny what our brains do to us :)
Afternoon all, I am a re-re-re-re-turner, all is well been CD'ing 100% since yesterday.

Love this thread :)


running strictly on fat!
Afternoon all, I am a re-re-re-re-turner, all is well been CD'ing 100% since yesterday.

Love this thread :)
Good luck with your journey hun x
afternoon girls

hope you are all having a good day so far, ive got tons of avon products for skin and a couple of sanctuary gift sets from about 2 christmasses ago so will have to root them out, i have used the sugar scrub previously and its lovely, son is at youth club tonight so unless i get hubs to pick him up so i can have a pamper session ill have to pamper myself tomorrow.
I've never heard of the soap & glory stuff, where is it from?

Had WI this morning another 5lbs down in 2 weeks which im happy about as its totm as well :D
gonna go change me ticker


Slimming down the aisle
Pah today is slightly stressing me! I'm meant to be doing an interview with Reading festival for my dissertation, but they're not getting back to me. She passed it on to the MD's PA who is meant to be contacting me, but that was 10 days ago and I've not heard anything. I've emailed again today asking for her direct email and contact number. I got an auto reply which had the phone number for the main office in so I might give them a call tomorrow on the way back after interviewing the Glastonbury MD. I just don't want to be wasting my time waiting around for them when I need to be working on my dissertation! Blah, blah to them all! Sorry, rant over.
Sorry you had such a stressy day CG.

Congrat AlexIce - you are doing so well.


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