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Thursday weighers


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1lb off for me this week. Off to update now :)
Good luck everyone else weighing today


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Well done guys! :)

I started today, so will be a thursday weigher in the future ;)


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1lb of myself this week think extra easy is working far better for me!
Well done everyone, I lost 1/2 lb tonight, a wee bit disappointed as I was hoping to get my 2 stone award :cry: I am now wondering if it is worthwhile going to class as my weight loss seems to have slowed down. Also my consultant was not there & it was only a weigh in & you still had to pay. Is that right ?


A moaning old boot!!!!
Well done everyone x x x


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So far, our consultant has had to have a 'weigh and go' day once in 6 months as she had training for her job and couldn't rearrange it. It should very occasionally happen if they can't get someone else to cover it, but not all the time!

Personally, if my weight loss was slowing down, leaving group would be the last thing I would do! It's at times like these when you need all the motivation (and help) you can get to keep losing and not giving up and just letting the weight pile back on...

Your consultant will have loads of resources to try and stop this 'slow down' - you just need to ask!

Good luck...

Thanks for taking the time to reply it was much appreciated

There was no reason given & it was just one of the social group that took the weigh in, did not even get the passwords so cannot update my personal planner.

Was feeling very low on Thursday but picked myself up now & agree with what you are saying about leaving class. Just need to get motivated and get back on track again.

Thanks again for encouragement
good luck to all my fellow Thursday weighers. Looking forward to catching up with this thread later tonight to see how everyone has done. My class is at 10am so fingers crossed x
Really Nervous mines at half 5 tonight :(
By some fluke of the imagination i have lost 1lb this week.....got to be good this week otherwise my "treats" from the weekend will show next week!
Good luck to all the other Thursday Weighers! :)


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It was my first weigh in this morning (apart from last week when i joined) and in my first week i've lost 4.5lb! :D Am really pleased with that as I was only expecting to lsoe around 2lb... i just don't feel any lighter... so it was a lovely surprise :D


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Thanks hun! :D xx

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