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To all those that have had success, just a quick question...

Firstly, can i just say a massive congrats to everyone. You've done so well, and it's great to see all these success stories.

I just wanted to ask (mainly to the females), when did you start seeing a difference to your thighs? Like right now, I'm seeing that my tummy has gotten smaller and my arms a bit, but my legs are still the same (especially my thighs). Just wanted to know, what order did you shift your flab, or was it an all over? Like was it your tummy first, then your legs last, your arms last etc.? I'm just scared that by the time I get to goal, my thighs will still be as huge. I'm naturally big boned, but I still have a lot of flab on my thighs, and it's mostly stuck there rather than anywhere else. I don't want to spot reduce or anything, but it's terrible waiting for the pounds to shift off from there. Just hoping i guess that someone that's halfway through like me, or someone that's had success so far, is/was in the same boat as me. It just seems to me that by the time I lose the remaining 32lbs, it's not gonna be from my thighs, but just from my arms and tummy. (as right now 32lbs seems a bit too small, which is kinda funny i know as it's more than 2 stones worth).

I guess I just need some hope that the flab WILL shift from my thighs at some point, and that it's just gonna be late.
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Hi there, i had my measurements done last week at my 5st loss and i had only managed to lose 2" off my thighs.
It's not a lot compared to all those pounds but i think it is to do with the flabby loose skin i have there.

Hopefully we both notice the thighs disappearing soon:D
hello - first thing to go with me is boobs and tummy and calves. thighs and bum are very last thing :(
I still have moobs,:( OK not big ones any more but they have not shifted, even though I've been in maint for ever and ever.
@sunshine - hopefully, because i'll be very upset if it doesn't shift lol. I've done my thigh measurements, need to measure myself again in a months time and see if there's been any difference.

@LVLLT - is that what you've found so far? I see that you're very close to goal... have you noticed a noticeable difference to your thighs? Or is it just all other areas?

@Jim - Lol, i have no idea whether you're being serious or not, but i think you've done absolutely fab.

I just wanna get to at least a size 12 bottoms, but I have no chance of that if my thighs stay the same. :(
@Jim - Lol, i have no idea whether you're being serious or not, but i think you've done absolutely fab
Oh I was being serious, most unlike me though. :D

Thanks. :)


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Dont worry about it now, it could just magically shift in the last stone. If when you reach your goal you're still not happy with your thighs then maybe try some leg-orentated toning exercises?
Hope that you get the results you're wishing for.

I just wanted to say that I am surprised that you find thigh weight difficult to get rid of- but I guess it just shows that things work differently for different people.

My biggest problems are my boobs are arms- no matter where else I lose weight those are always the last to go. I was advised at my gym to push with the exercise- caus esp in women- and if you do sedentary jobs- those muscle are not really used often.

So the best thing to do is just push with the exercise- especially resistance training i.e. with weight- to fight the flab- otherwise you'll end up with slimmer but flabbier thighs.

Hope I helped :)
i hate my tree trunk thighs lol hmm :(
No matter what I do I cant get rid of my little moobs, should have been a girl I think :D
my boobs have always been the only thing I've liked about myself, I'll be sad to see them go lol I wish my thighs would just hurry up and be nice&small!
Hmmmm I hate my thighs. I wouldn't hate them so much if it wasn't for the cellulite. But they're the fattest part of me. Literally, tree trunks. Between 15 and 12 stone they've shrunk by approx 6 inches. Now, if they were to shrink by another 6 inches I'd be thrilled, but I'm not sure that's going to happen.

They're about 25 now at the largest point. I dream of 20-inch thighs.

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