Today I got called a whale at work.


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Well.. yep.. you read it right..

Exactly what the title says. I got called a whale.. at work.. while serving a customer.

The exact conversation went like this:

Serving a 60-something year old lady who was buying some olay wrinkle cream...

Customer: Ooh I wish I had skin like yours, mines all wrinkley, I need this cream by the bucket load..

Me: Don't be silly you look fine, If I look like you at your age I'l be chuffed.

Customer: Oh I doubt you will, Chubby people very rarely age well.. Infact your not even chubby really are you, Your just really really... well fat! Just like a whale.

Me: :sigh: What... Eh? Pardon.. what did you just say?

Customer: You heard me.. Your a massive fat whale..

Me: Oh.. Well thats a bit uncalled for!!!

Customer: I hate fat people, they turn my stomach..

Me: *Walked Off...* Left my collegue (Whos also "quite chubby") to deal with rude customer while I sob in the bathroom.

I mean how fricking dare that old bag say that!! I was in a pleasent manner, going about my day fine, Serving customers and getting on with my job and the all of a sudden WHAM!!! Well.. It was all down hill from there on in tbh..

I hate my job. Serving people is crap. I used to love it but it seems I keep getting all the nasty people atm but that was the worst customer I av ever had and thats saying something because last month I had a customer spit at me because I wouldn't give her a refund because she didn't have a reciept.

Anyways Im just ranting tbh, I've had my cry and now im really embarressed. Work has been going down hill for a while tbh and im desprate to get a new job. The company I work for has recently cut our hours and expects us to do doubt the amount of work in half the time and its just stressing me out. I don't wanna work in customer service or face to face retail anymore.


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Awwwwww don't let them get you down, you sound like a lovely person, I bet you've got lots of friends, which the customer probably hasn't.


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That is a dreadful thing for someone to say to you, especially when you were complimenting her at the time. As Michelle says above, try and take some comfort in the fact that you are nice and she is an evil old witch who has no friends and who people probably try and avoid! Do you believe in Karma? Its comforting if you do - she will get her payback for that comment in due course!
In the meantime dont let her comment send you to the biscuit tin, someone that unpleasant doesnt deserve to influence your diet!
Customer service can be horrible, I was on the phones in a call centre for 6 years and someone threatened to cut my throat if a DVD didnt arrive! Glad to be out of it!
Best thing you can do is stick to your diet, lose weight, gain more confidence, get a better job!
Big hugs xxx


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Take no notice of her (easier said than done I know)
Take comfort in the fact that she will always be a miserable woman who probably thinks her 'best years' are behind her now and is probably jealous that you are young and can enjoy life!!

I admire u as I don't think I could have bitten my tongue - and I would have probably been fired because of it. I tend to be really confident when confronted like that then go away and break into pieces!

Hugs - x


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Theres some very nasty people in this world, i was called "the wee fat one" last night in my workplace but to be fair the person did have dementia - still stung tho so i know how u are feeling.


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Cheers everyone!

Can't actually believe it still, but never mind il get over it!

I have decided I am going to re-train as a Nursery Nurse. I've been looking into it and doing some research all evening and there seems like a lot of courses out there, Just need to find someone who knows which one I should be doing!

Can't wait to escape the horrible soul sucking world of customer service!!!! xx


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I would've said something back regardless of being at work. But I have a big mouth and gets me in trouble.


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Lol! yeah im like that! I lost a job at a supermarket when I was 18 because a customer commented on how big my boobs were, he was pretty drunk and kept being all leud and pervy.. so i told him to F OFF! haha.. :/ but that wasn't too bad because I was still living at home with my mum. Now I have a flat with my bf and I don't think he would be too impressed if I lost my job as much as he gets how frustrating it is!

Tbh she did me a favor.. usually I would just eat loads of rubbish and go off the rails but so far ive stuck to healthy eating and gone swimming every evening. Feeling better for it!

Now I just need to keep going! xx


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Wow!!! What an utter *****! I kinda feel sorry for her, to be that rude and nasty she must feel really crap all the time and live an awful life. No one who's happy and likes themselves would ever do that would they?

Take no notice of her - she probably lives alone and has no friends and her family probably hate her and the only way she can make herself feel better is to put other's down.


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Thanks and.

I'm still reeling from it all.. kept on track tho. Keep imagening when I finally lose weight being in a magazine or paper and being like... cheers for calling me a whale, love!!

ah well.. one day il be skinny x

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What a horrible person. She probably lives a miserable life and that's how she gets her kicks. By hurting people. A bully really. Hope her skin wrinkles up like a prune and her nose drops off :cool: What weightloss plan are you following? Keep us informed on how you're getting on so we can send you bucketloads of support. If your head is right, you can do it. Chips xx


Oh my goodness I cannot believe someone could ever say something like that to another human being. Do you think she was 100% right in the head?!

I was once asked in a club if I was a transvestite by some drunk guy and his mates were laughing their heads off at me - so I have an inkling of how horrible it feels.

I really hope you're feeling better now.

Kreesh x

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Hi pet,

If anyone ever says anything like that again, just lean over and quietly say " I can always lose weight, You are beyond help." Any complaints from the customer- you said "I'm trying to lose weight. You have been a big help"

I had a similar situation when a patient said I shouldn't be moving him in my condition. I just blurted out "What condition? Fat?" He thought I was pregnant! I was devastated.

I was also told in a club that I didn't sweat much for a fat girl. He didn't pull! I can lose weight. He will always be ugly!

The majority of people in this world have good hearts. A lot of them are on this forum. Other people have no idea how much their words can hurt. You are going through a process of change for yourself. Not other people. Anyway, whales are noble creatures. They are sleek, strong, caring and live for a very long time making them very wise. Not like silly old ladies.

Good luck with your nursery nursing. But just remember, children can be cruel too. Last week, my niece asked me why I smelled of wee! She thought it was funny! Me... not so much.


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What a complete cow! Good on you for not rising to the pathetic loser and having a binge.... just think in 6 months time, you'll be slimmer, happier healthier and she'll be still desperately trying to hide her wrinkles on her saggy old face!


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I literally am in shock reading that conversation. Really who do ppl think they are commenting on any aspect of ur life, fat, thin, tall, short or whatever. Good on you though for taking urself out of the situation before saying anything back, its sometimes the best thing to do. She probably has absolutely nothing going on in her life and this is her little bit of 'fun' for the day. I know this thread is a few weeks old so i hope ur well and truely in a better place now. Hold ur head up high. Iv used the line 'i can lose weight, only surgery can help ur face' many times before becuz ppl feel they have a right to comment about ur size. Iv had 27 yrs off it from everyone and u know what screw em. Iv started almost apologising for my size before in converesations, even when i was chatting to my mum, i kept saying 'i know im big but....' And it wasnt til after my boyf said he wished i wudnt do that as i was fine as i was and shudnt make an excuse for myself. All the best me dear x

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OMG!!! That's disgusting behaviour, especially of someone who's old and should know better. I know myself when someone in the past has said something about my weight, it has only made me more determined to loose the weight. So she did you a favour. Sometimes the things that hurt us the most, help us to change the most... Best of luck with your weight loss. I've just started on here, started my slimming world diet yesterday. Got 5 stone to loose!!! I've never been this big and I was at a rock bottom with my weight when I went on the scales and saw 16st 10lb!!!! 4 weeks ago I was 15.4lb so the shock of putting on so much in such a short time has kicked my butt into action. I'm doing the SW online easy plan. Not paid anything just following the free 7 day guide. I've never ate so much. But what I'm eating is completely different to what I normally eat. I'm gonna weigh myself in 2 weeks to see how I'm doing. Good luck! xxx


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Bless you - what a horrible old lady D: Well done for keeping on track - Don't let the silly old bag ruin your new start :D I agree about the karma, oh snap, she's not gonna know what hit her >:D I agree that whales are beautiful creatures anyway :D Rather a whale than a silly old bat, right? ;D Hugs :D x


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Only just stumbled across your post and I am completely shocked, how disgustingly abysmal and utterly rude some people are.
That is just wrong on every level.
However, that old prune appears to have used you to air her own frustration. What a shockingly sad life that person must have.
I'm not really one for swearing, but sod her! You might be overweight, but you lose weight, however, she's ugly (inside and out), therefore she is scr*wed.
Don't take the bile of a frustrated wifey to heart, continue on your weight loss journey and make yourself proud. You have everything going for you xx
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I just can't believe that a conversation like that could take place! What an awful disgusting thing to say!
It would of taken every inch of self restraint I had not to of stuck my fist in her face!

*big hugs*


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That is awful. I've had it myself at work

I got called a fat ***** in front of a class of toddlers because I asked him quietly to take his phone call outside. (I work in a library). It took every ounce of me to get through the visit with a fake smile.