Tonight 7:15 Ch.5 nn Widdecombe: Mad About the Body


Gone fishing
Might be amusing viewing :)
Ann Widdecombe is hopping mad. So hopping mad, in fact, that if the MP had a pogo stick she'd probably be bouncing along some busy urban thoroughfare right now, scowling at onlookers and swiping at passers-by with her raffia handbag. The source of her ire? Widdecombe thinks Britain is "obsessed with physical perfection" - a pernicious trait that has seen us sacrifice our spirituality in the rush to look like someone in Hollyoaks. What follows is an unapologetically old-fashioned rant, entitled Mad about the Body, on the hollowness of modern life, a discourse boosted immeasurably by amusing sequences in which the politician castigates a beauty journalist, interrupts a plastic surgeon ("Botox? What do you want Botox for?") and argues with a flustered beautician while wearing an enormous dressing gown.
!!!! Karen!!! I'm shocked!

Bad Karen. Naughty Karen!
Yeah, but watching a politician is much more interesting ;)

I'll be down the gym. Might record it though.