Twas the night before Abstainance....

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
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Twas the night before Christmas :smiley1842:
And all through the site
No one was nibbling, :whistle:
Not even a bite :479:

Packets were hung
In the kitchen with care:eatdrink051:
Bars at the ready
But not to be shared! :coffee:

It's only one day
You all will get through:happy036:
For this, your reward:
A new thinner you!:king::queen::princess:

So chase all those thoughts
From your head right away:whip:
One know the ones....:gimi:
They lead you astray :lost::giveup::eatdrink023::eatdrink017:

THere'll be other Christmasses:26:
There will be one next year.:happy096:
Just think of you then,
With your new slimmer rear!:massmoon:

So have a good time,:smoke:
Enjoy every hour:party0049::banana dancer:
Stay in control, :angel09:
Because you have the power.:superwoman:

Merry Christmas (again!) everybody!!:xmassign: :new_year:
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Love it BL! I was just starting to feel ever so slightly miserable - no food, or wine! I've stuck to the plan 100%, but I don't feel Christmassy at all, and I suspect it's because I'm kind of wishing the day was over already!

I have a friend in work who started LL a few weeks before I did. She's lost about 2 stone I think, but she came to my office today with a big box of those huge Quality Street and offered me one!! I said I couldn't eat it and asked if she had been eating them, and she said she had! She said they were lovely and that last night she'd had a KFC!!! She did say that she realised that it wasn't really worth it as it sat heavy all night, but she then followed this up with the fact that she was eating for her DH's sake as she didn't want him to have a miserable Xmas - she's going to have a good one she said and start again in January. There's so much going on there I would have thought!

I'd love my Xmas dinner, but I've just bought a lovely short leather jacket in the sale for £35, and I know that if I went along the same lines I'd definitely not be fitting in it come January!

I needed those fabulous words of yours to keep me focussed, so thank you so much!


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Nice one BL

Your talents are wasted....................
Maybe your new job for 2009 can be as the next Poet Laureate.
Actually I don't think it can be a US citizen so you probably have to consider a more mundane job - unless being married to an Englishman counts!!).
Did you make your Egg nog?:wave_cry:


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BL strikes the right note again!
I'm going to print your little ditty out and stick it in my scrapbook for my weak moments next year!


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Thats awesome BL!!! well done!