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Unsure About what Snacks Etc???


I know you have the shakes for breakfast and dinner - and you have your balanced Tea Which is fine.

Im thinking Steamed Fish and Veg?

But what Snacks can i have. I was thinking Apples but what else as just apples will get boring? Also do i have to have the snacks? I just wanna make sure i start properly.

I exercise really well doing at least 4 hours at Gym a week, Wanna make sure it goes well.
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Heya well according to book, your snacks can also be smaller versions of your main meals,

an there's conflicting advice about eggs, in the book its says 1-2 serves 2x a week, but in the diary it says 6! :confused: :eek: so its hard to no whats right n wrong, id advise try drinking water before an after each meal it sure helps with the hunger an iv started moving my main meal to lunch time :eek:
I dont think i can move my main meal as i'll be at work, Ill have the Family to feed when i finish? my problems is a cuppa teat with biscuits at night? any ideas that will help!!! i know im not hungry just what im used to x
oh god im a tea fiend, I save my 3x cuppas for te evening, skim milk an 2x sweetner, i crave bikkies every now n then, maybe a atkins bar either half of the advantage bar (meal replacement bar) or their day break ones which are a snack bar which you could have the whole of as your even snack maybe? ;) theyre alot cheaper than the cs ones, u get em from ebay,boots, tesco :rolleyes:
Ok, Thanks i will look into it.

I really struggle, Im like u - at night time i love 2 cuppa teas even though i dont have sugar in it, its just something ive done for years.

So what you thinking as a typical day?

Thanks for the help xx
morning - 500/750ml water (preferable before shake)


snack- small apple


Lunch- veggies an quorn/eggs, balsamic vinegar/soy sauce


snack-usually some veggies leftover from lunch


tea,tea an more tea :p
dinner-hot shake like latte/choc sumthin cozy

havent got the atkins bar yet, when iv got sum spare pennies gonna get aload :rolleyes:
Ok sounds ok to me, i was worrying mostly over snacks etc..

i heard the fridge raiders are good option ? u heard this...

u can have shakes hot or cold? and its with water isnt it. my pack is coming monday so i supose i'll no more then.
i member sumone mentioning them but i didnt look into it , be easy wont it ;)

yep drinks hot or cold, i would suggest with all of the flavours except banana to only add 240mls of water coz sumtimes the seem quite weak, they arent thick i anyway :(, but to keep them flavourable add lil less water, n when ye make ye hot ones have half cold n half hot water coz otherwise you'll be waiting ages for it to cool an it tends to pop when ye mixing it up when its jus hot water :mad:

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