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Upset stomach and other weird grumbly goings on in that region!


Having a mid-life crisis
Since about Thurs/Fri I've had weird grumbles in my digestive regions! ;) Not grumbly in a hungry manner, more trapped wind and pretty severe diarrhoea too! :(

I haven't felt sick or vomited or anything like that, but it just feels very unsettling, having to rush to the loo frequently.

I have concerns if the shakes are going 'right through me' could this put me in starvation mode? I haven't lost any weight since Thurs according to my scales (but, not too fussed about this at the moment, because I just want to feel better!)

I was wondering if anyone else had suffered with this.

I am feeling a bit better today than I was at the weekend (probably a good thing as I'm on a different floor to the loo here at work! :eek:)
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Could be a bug Hun but have to say I seem to be having loose motions (tmi sorry) this last week just into week four now but I don't think I've got a bug just think it's part of the liquid diet??? If we don't drink enough water we can get constipated but I drink about 5 litres a day.... Not much help but keep an eye on it in case it is a bug xx :)

xx Cathy xx

Bye Bye Huge Bottom!
Mines a little strange too, I only go about twice a week but when I do its like I've got a bug as I get really bad cramps and about a minutes notice before I'm desperate to go! Think its just the way things go on LT though x


Having a mid-life crisis
Thanks for your replies girls, at least I know its not just me!

I felt reasonably ok this morning but after having tonights shake its gone all weird again :eek: Honestly my stomach is so full of wind I swear I can see it moving through me (sorry for TMI lol)
Crikey - worried about me now...
I rarely 'go' on this and it's always 'firm' (Ha, nice conversation, eh!)

I thought 'that' was normal on LT - maybe I'm not drinking enough??x
i cant seem to go atalll ive only been twice in 9 days and they where forces and took a loong time in the loo to make happen im very worried :S

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
If it was a bug, you should be o.k by now. Keep up the fluid intake to keep yourself hydrated. Mention it to the pharmacist at your WI. Keep well.

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