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Urgent Help Needed - hair dye!


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Folks, I'm resembling Moisha ( sp ) from the adam's Family at the mo!

I put in a dark brown non permanant hair colour last night and it's almost black :eek:

Have washed it about 7 times already today with washing up liquid, leaving the washing up liquid in each time for about 20 minutes before rinsing it. Although some colour was being rinsed off it dosn't seem to make much difference :eek:

Someone suggested mayonaze would do the trick, so I have a few strands wrapped up in foil, which I applied the mayonaze too - will wait another 30 minutes to see if it works!

In the meantime any suggestions - even if I wash it another 24 times with the WUL dont think it will make much difference. Plus I have Daisy Mayhem off school today, so not able to get to the shops to get some coal tar soap or dandruff shampoo which raudi suggested...

Hopeful Geri :D
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you can buy that take off product even thou it will not take it all off - but it will lighten it alot! x sorry not much help thou!


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hehehe....I quite like Mortisha....:)

No idea what you can do to take it off, I accidentally dyed my hair black once - permanent though and had to spend 4 hours (and a lot of money) in the hair dressers getting it stripped and my hair felt like wire for months.

Seriously, it felt soooooo horrible. Dunno what that "off" stuff does.

Dark hair colour isn't even able to be dyed over properly, something about the molecules being the biggest.

Maybe just try to learn to love it? Might just take time to get used to it!!?:D


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Thanks Ann,

Hubby is off tomorrow so I should be able to get out and have a look for it...

in the meantime was hoping some household product might do the trick!

I've looked on this website but it seems to be americian and they are talking about 'Prell' never heard of it, so not sure what it is!

Thanks again ann,

Any more for any more - keep the suggestions coming!


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Lol Coley,

cross posting there - sorry!

Thing is my friend usually does it for me she's a hairdresser by trade, and we usually have a catch up and I have my hair done... I just thought I'd get this wash in one and then once it's washed out, I'll ask her to do it for me.

She usually says ' I'll put some of your natural back' :D I thought I'd go one step further and make it all natural lol but kinda went wrong.. plus its too 'blocky' normallly have a few 'reddy' bits in it as well :p

Funny thing was, when I was in Morrisons yesterday I met her 'Nan' ( her hubby's Nan, so is her's too) and I put something over the box of hair dye so she wouldnt see it lol

Looks like my friend will be getting to see me sooner than she thought, tho she often tells me not to mess about with it - maybe I should've done as I was told!! :D

Thanks anyway Coley ;)


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having done a bit more 'research' I am sat here with my head stinging, as have put loads and loads of lemon juice mixed with conditioner, and will try and hold out for half an hour, longer if I can...

will report back :eek: hopefuly not saying that my hair has gone green :rolleyes:


Busy busy busy!!
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LOL Geri - if blonde hair goes green ... as with chlorine in swimming pool, I put tomato ketchup on! Not sure if that will work on black hair though.


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lol flirty
thanks for the tip, I did read in my research that tomotoe sauce or oh whats that Italian thing thats just tomotoes, can't think what its called, but dosnt matter coz I dont have any, tho I do have a jar of dolmio pmsl but not sure I want the bits of onion and musherooms in my hair as well, well as least would have to pick them out!

The lemon did zilch, so I melted 2 dishwasher tabs in boiling water and when cooled put in my hair but it stung like hell so washed that out straight away! Am now sat with washing up liquid in it, will rinse in a mo and condition it, then leave that for the night coz fed up of it now!

Thanks again
how you hair going - i have been looking up for some ideas and some one told me to tell u to try -

one tablespoon vinger , drop of lemon mix with cond -or shampoo
and then after 15 mins of that on your hair you then have to add just a squeeze of lime and water as you rise it off appox two mins with a lime and then just shampoo it and then cond - it leaveing a cond on for 3 mins

hmmmm now it sounds good but i don't know if it works!
either way let me know/?


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Ahh Thanks for looking for me Anntext, that was really nice of you..:p

I tried the lemon last night, didnt seem to do anything - tho havn't tried the vinegar, I have no lime in the house...:eek: tho do have some lemon I could try again!

Hubby has gone off to tesco, "Vosene" is on his list, so when he comes back with it, I think I'll mix the vinegar into that, so thankyou for that tip!!

I'll be sure to let you know how it goes!

Hope you have a good day
oh you poor thing, geri! (is it bad that i have had a little chuckle to myself at this thread? sory, hon!). is it sorted yet? as a blondie i can't help much i'm afraid. hope it gets sorted soon. and no bloody dishwasher tablets on your head again, you daft thing!


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Oh Kitty and Jen,
How could you, I'm a very distressed woman you know!! :rotflmao:

Well I used the vosene and vinegar, and then put in some red dye which I had in the cup'd.. just a few strands here and there, but to be honest not sure if you can notice them, as the brown is sooo dark! May do a few more tomorrow, once I've washed it a few more times!!

think it has faded a lil bit so hopefuly it'll fade some more!!:D
Well At Least Your Trying - Let Me Know Outcome Tomorrow!

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