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Using your points.


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Ok, I'm a little confused in regards to the new system I just want someone to just give me a prod and say 'hey you're doing it right!' or say otherwise :p

So you have your Pro points (mine = 35) and your weekly allowance (49)

So how would you point your day out? I've taken my food diary from yesterday.

Breakfast: Missed breakfast!

Mid-morning: Large Costa Skinny hot chocolate (3)

Lunch: Count on us Spaghetti carbonara (6.5) Going to try and grab some salad on the way to work to go with this. Edit: I legged it over to Dunnes and tried to get some salad but there was no mixed apart from sandwich lettuce! So had a massive pile of that with it! 2 x WW chocolate cookies (1.5)

Mid evening: Pot noodle in a mug (0.5) Alpen light bar (1) velvet crunch crisps (1)

Dinner: 1/2 a 415g can of M&S Chicken Noodle Soup (2.5) M&S Brown Roll (2.5)

Alpen light bar (1) with WW vanilla yoghurt (0.5)
Skimmed Milk (0.5 for 200 ml)
Flake from multipack (3) with Options Hot Chocolate (0.5)

Total 24 out of 25 (pointed on the old plan)

I normally just plan my day as I go and decide on my dinner that evening after I've decided what to have for lunch.

Do you add all your meals in first and these are deducted from the 35 pro points? And *then* put your treats in and they're taken from the 49 daily allowance...

Or do you just add in as normal and anything you have during that day comes from your daily allowance and then you have the extra 49 points on top?

The website wasn't too clear for me. I'm really sorry if these are stupid questions but I only came back to WeightWatchers back on Thursday morning!
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Basically its same as before u have ure 35 a day for your meals and snacks then if u fancy a glass of wine or your going out for a special occasion u have those extra points to dip into. Beware though things have gone up one of my morrisons eat smart ready meals was 6 points and its now 9 oh and no half points now x


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Ah brilliant, thank you very much. I've been so silly and in such a tiz today over this. Just panicing that I'm just not getting it right. *phew*

Ok ... roll on WI day! :cool:

p.s I've already gone through most things in my kitchen since getting home and writing the PP on them in a marker.

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