V funny Rikki Lake show


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OMG, am peeing myself for the first time this week (have been a right grumpy mardy bum cos of the lurgy!). It's called Guys or Girls. They have blatantly just got a bunch of girls, and written on their faces with felt tip, and they are trying to get the audience to guess!!!! They haven't even tied their boobs down! Apart from one, which is probably a bloke.

I expect no one else is watching this, cos you prob all have better stuff to do, but it's making ME laugh!

D x
Aaaah, ya see, my laptop lives on the end of the sofa!
DQ - I know. I think we should start going to museums or something!

(hee heeee, whenever someone says something to you like 'i agree DQ', it makes me think of Dangermouse! You know 'good point DM' etc)
Actually, OH calls me Baron Greenback, cos that's the noise i make when I'm asleep!
LOL, it was v necessary whilst SS! You can't eat and type at the same time!