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Warning-refeed-slippery slope


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Had a chocolate orange sat on the side for more than two weeks. Know there's a secret bar of chocolate in the cupboard, TFR - no problem. Not even tempted. Started refeed last Tuesday, had a chunky kit kat yesterday afternoon - hid the wrapper. Husband asleep in chair - crept to orange behind him, opened it slowly, silently and ate more than half of it :break_diet::cry:Awful headache this morning. How utterly pathetic is that? Obviously my food problems haven't gone away and will have to be very careful from now on. Worse still I am a pound heavier this morning. I shall have 3 shakes today to try and make amends.
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Aw hun - its done now so not much you can do about it but sounds like you're focused now! I'm really worried about refeeding and my relationship with food and how I'm going to address it over the coming months.
Keep going - you've done so well!!!
urgh i know its so difficult isnt it!

the discipline on TFR is so different from the maintenence bit. its like if you cant have anything its no prob, if you have to make CHOICES, it all flies out the window.

well done for confessing babe and well done for taking action straight away.



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Awww nenya don't be too hard on yourself. At least you have been honest with us. Its hard to totally change your mind set. I am starting my refeed today with excitement but a lot of trepidation too.

I know that this bit is going to be v hard. Good luck for the rest of your refeed xxx
It is really tough - at least with TFR you know that everything is off limits, so there's no space to justify anything. I know that when I came off TFR I was very good at making excuses/allowances for foods that I wanted. & I am an awful one for eating in secret too! That's one of the things I'm definitely going to try to address - if I am going to eat badly, I'm going to do it in front of people, not sneak off to my room to do it. I feel like that will make me more accountable.

You caught yourself as soon as you did it though! So clearly you're doing well to see the destructive habits & that's a step in the right direction towards remedying the problem! I have no advice because I didn't do too brilliantly, haha, but, I do hope you're doing better today!

Good luck :)


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