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Water, water and no means to an end (yet)


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Hi all

After my hospital episode with tachycardia last week and will have to go back to the doc today, as I have started retaining a lot of water. :(
Right now my fingers are like sausages, just had to drive hubby to the airport and that drive was not a pleasure. Pins and needles in all my fingers and stiffness in both wrists, swollen ankles, treat yourself. It's a bit like Carpal-Tunnel-Syndrome which I had during pregnancy.
Getting old is no fun :cry:
And it's weigh-in today aswell - aahhh! I am sure I have got gallons of excess water in my body. Naaa, never mind, sure I will get it sorted. Enough about old age and disease now, hope you all have a lovely day.
Jill xx
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Jill, you get yourself to the doctors this morning.....and if that sounds bossy I do not care.

A simple diuretic can sort it out for you but the doctor needs to see you so he can ascertain what is causing the water retention.

You need those diuretics today as water retention can add as much as 7lbs or more to your weight and you have WI tonight lol.

Be firm with the receptionist, outline your tachycardia and now the water retention coupled with the pins and needles.

Let us know what happens.

hugs xxxxxx


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Well, got to see a GP earlier on, but unfortunately not the lady I usually consult. :( The doc I have seen now said he would prefer to wait another week and wait and see what happens - aaahhhhhh! Went into the pharmacy and bought some otc stuff, maybe this will help a little in the meantime. Having said that, I will be back to see doc before the weekened again if this does not shift. It is so uncomfortable. My pharmacist is fab, we had a talk about my symptoms and she checked up what else could be beneficial. Pineapple and cellery on top of that list. Wonder if I could mix it up to a
salad LOL. Don't think I am going to have a brilliant weigh in tonight, but I am not that bothered, as I know the problem is not my eating, but the water retention.
Thanks for your moral support, Sue - and I didn't think you sounded bossy :)
Jill xx
I am so glad you saw a doctor and that you will be back if there is no improvement. If you feel no better tomorrow I would be back on the phone again.

Pineapple and celery are brilliant natural diuretics but be prepared to be up peeing at least 2 or 3 times in the night. I eat loads of pineapple I love it and of course it is the season now and needless to say I am peeing for Spain.

Good luck tonight with your WI and also for your excellent attitude towards it.

hugs xxx


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Hi Sue (and, of course, everybody else :) )
I cannot believe it, but although I have this water rentention issue, I still managed to lose weight this week. It has probably been my saving grace that I don't go for the morning weigh-in.
Regardless, I need to sort the problem out and make just a temporary thing out of it.
(@Sue) I hope that you are keeping fine and that you'll soon get the all clear from your docs. Still have everything crossed for you - my fingers could not get so swollen that I could not manage keeping them crossed any more :)
Jill xx
Well done. Just think how amazing the loss will be next week when the water retention thing is sorted out.

If you went to Boots this morning where these the tablets the pharmacist sold you........

They are supposed to be quite good.


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The otc stuff I bought earlier on have got the same ingredients. Will certainly give it a go (but not tonight, LOL).
Thanks xx

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