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Hello, just searching the net, and i have come across this little gem of a site, so here i am.
I am doing the slimming world diet, for the fourth time. The first two attempts I started half hearted, but lost 1 1/2 stone each time then gave up. Last year i lost 2 stone was ok, but we had a house fire and lost everything, i just couldn't be bothered any more, as we were living in a caravan and i got stressed and started eating and drinking and the weight crept back on.
So I decided last wednesday to go and join up again, was completely fed up at christmas not having anything that looked nice that i could wear, so here i am.
I cant do it on my own, i am the kind of person that needs help, if i try, i fail everytime, so hello to everyone

and heres to lots of posts, ( i will need it when i am having a off day lol)

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Hello there! My name's Nic and I've only just started on my diet so welcome! I think you'll find this site invaluable - I have so far! It's great knowing there's back up and encouragement at your fingertips beacause it IS hard sometimes!


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Welcome to ouur community Bev :D

Sorry to hear about the fire and the awful stress that must have caused you and your family.

It sounds lime you are motivated and ready to get cracking with your plan. :)

Have a good browse around the site and join in any thread on any Forum. We are all one family here, just taking different paths to get to our own pot of gold :D

Any problems or questions, no matter how small you think they are, please just ask. Have a look in this Introductions thread and you will see the Minimins Guided Tour of the site. It's very easy to read and clearly explains all the different workings of the site.

Lacey x :)

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Hello, just joined myself, so wish you all the luck, its the first time i have tried this web site forum for support, but at least while im posting on here i am not thinking about food yeh


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Welcome to minimins. I also do SW and have had quite good losses so far. Its good you feel motivated again. Good luck.


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Welcome to mini's, its a great place for support, motivation, or just a giggle. Good luck on your journey!


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Sorry to hear about the fire Bev, no wonder you lost motivation. Welcome and good luck.


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S: 16st5lb C: 15st8lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 35.2 Loss: 0st11lb(4.8%)
Thanks to everyone for the kind welcome, i cant wait to go and get my first weigh in over on wednesday, at the moment i am feeling really motivated and looking forward to a new start and a new me ( although i might not be saying that 6 months later!! lol)
off to take my measurements and photos now at the start, and try and figure my bmi out - that will be depressing