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weekend drinking-damage limitation?!

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by RosiePops, 16 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. RosiePops

    RosiePops Gold Member

    Hello everyone, I went out for a few last night with the best intentions- saved my 15syns for a few extra dry martini/diet cokes but my willpower got the better of me, the wine flowed and I went way over syns. Other than dont do it again, do some exercise and move on, does anyone have any tips/damage limitation measures for me? im trying to get plenty of water/squash down too :/
    im normally fine to have just a couple of the 2.5syn treats but there was a band on, we were out with old friends and one thing led to another.. Just glad i resisted takeaway unlike oh!
    Rosie x
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  3. miss.mooey

    miss.mooey Full Member

    Maybe try cuttin down on ur syns the rest of the week?

    Limit urself to 10 or less instead of the full 15... this has seemed to work for me before, although everyones body deals with excess syns differently.

    HTH :)
  4. Theria

    Theria Silver Member

    I think you're on the right lines, to be honest! Plenty of water / squash and no guilt about it! You had a good time, life happens. Just get right back to the plan.
  5. RosiePops

    RosiePops Gold Member

    Thanks both :)
    I thought about having no syns but to be honest I dont want to "punish myself" for having a good time and one slip up! Good idea to cut them back to 10 for a couple of days though- might just prevent a gain this week!
  6. miss.mooey

    miss.mooey Full Member

    Dont cut them out! As this isnt followin the plan properly but i would cut down.

    u shouldnt punish urself as goin out an enjoyin urself is apart of life and u will over indulge. Everythin in moderation... thats wat ive learnt from sw :)
  7. slimminglizard

    slimminglizard Full Member

    I agree, put it behind you. If you thought you could never go out and have a few too many again, wouldn't you just chuck the towel in!

    I was in the same boat, too many Friday night and felt rough Saturday. I would have in the past ate two takeaways on a hangover day! But I just carried on as normal, drank loads of water and hopefully I haven't got a gain out of it. Kept to plan, and will keep my syns at 10 for rest of week :)
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