welsh girl's cc diary


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Hi all this is my 3rd day of cc and acording to MFP im not eat enough but i never seem to want more,so i thought i would keep a diary on here and then you can tell me where you think im going wrong :rolleyes:


B oats so simple 27g made with water 98 cals

L chesse and tomato tortellini with tomato sauce 250g 229 cals
1 gala apple 71 cals

D birdseye baked to perfection wild pink salmon fillet with lemon and herb sauce 140g 230 cals
uncle ben's express long grain rice 125g 176 cals
green giant sweetcorn 165g 124 cals

orange 73 cals
mullerlight toffee flavour 88

This means ive had 1087 cals leaving 113 cals,and yesturday i had 90 cals under but the day before i was 2 cals over
I have a similar problem in that caloriecount calculators such as mfp seem to think I should be eating more calories than I am... and yet, I don't feel hungry and think my daily food intake is quite well and balanced!!

From what I can see your food diary sounds good!!
Im under again by 163 cals :eek: even though i had a very naughty but nice raspberry and almond slice for my lunch :rolleyes:

i wouldnt worry to much what mfp says as its a computer ... Your the proof of the pudding(pardon the pun) if at the end of the week youve lost weight you'll prove it wrong.

Where you from in wales? Im from rainny swansea.

Sarah x
Thanks Sarahmun yes im from wales (Newport) it's not rainning here but it is very cold. The problem im finding is because im unable to weigh myself due to being in a wheelchair. but on the plus side i was able to get back into a size 14 pair of trousers so i must be doing somthing right.:)
Here is todays diary

B Oats so simple 27g 96 cals
Gala Apple 71 cals

L Heinz Big Soup Chicken and Veg Casserole 450g 320 cals

D 1 Slices of toast (medium soft white)


Real Mccoy Crinke cut Sizzling King Prawn 50g 263 cals
Mullerlight Vanilla Flavour 91 cals
Jaffa Orange 73 cals
2 Slices of tesco thin Ham 20 cals
1 Coffee with ss milk and 2 sweetners 31 cals

Total for the day 1184 leaving me 16 cals under
oh i misseed out the tin of spaghetti in tomato sauce for dinner can't remember the cals but my total for the day is still the same:rolleyes:
Congrats on the non-scale victory! Fitting in to size 14 trousers is my next mini-goal. My 16s are starting to get loose so fingers crossed it'll happen soon hehe.
Thanks I was quite suprised as i thought they would either not fit yet or a least be very tight but they weren't so im afraid im going to have to put it down to being a big 14;)
It's always a good feeling sometimes the number on the scales is hard to represent how we have actually changed In our bodies clothes are a great way to see the inches going and it's a real confidence booster when you go down a size x
Had a good day again food wise but im reallly fancying something naughty tonight.
here's my food diary for today


B Oats so simple 27g 96 cals
L Gala Apple 71 cals
Mullerlight toffee flavour 88 cals
D Tesco Finest Lamb Wellington (1 Parcel) 700 cals
Boiled potatoes in skins 100g 83 cals
1/2 tin of Mushy Peas 115 cals
1/2 tin of carrots 14 cals


Coffee with ss milk and 2 sweetners 31 cals

Total cals for today 1198 leaving me 2 under :rolleyes:
Your diary looks good. You dont seem to snack at all, have you ever had a snacking problem?
Sarah x
Ive been trying to work out a exercise routine and was supirised at the ones on youtube for people in wheelchair but they are not very long. still unsure how im going to track the calories burnt thou so going to stick to just cc'ing for now. Had another good day food wise so here goes.


B Oats so simple 27g 96 cals
Gala Apple 71 cals
L Heinz Cheese and tomato pasta pouch 250g 229 cals
D 2x White medium sliced bread 190 cals
2x Wafer thin ham 20 cals
Philly light 30g 47 cals (but didn't have it all) so probably about 30 cals
Real Mccoy crinkle cut crisps 263 cals


Mullerlight Toffee flavour 88 cals
2 Coffee with ss milk and 2 sweetners 62 cals

Total 1066 cals leaving 134 under but just not that hungry today :rolleyes:
I think if you stick with just calorie counting and are managing to lose then it's all good. Plenty of time to include exercises and figure out how to track what you burn etc. I use an online calorie counter that also has a bit for activity logging and gives you a rough estimate of what you have burned.
Not such a good day for me,Had a down day and haven't felt like doing anything but still managed to stay within my allowanceso here goes :eek:


B Oats so simple 27g 96 cals
L Costa medium skinny latte 115 cals
D Chinese chicken and mixed veg with boiled rice 342 cals
Prawn crackers 385 cals
500 ml bottle cherry coke 225 cals

No snacks Total cals 1163 still 37 under so im kind of pleased :rolleyes:
To be honest dd i feel worse had a hospital appointment which is quiet serious :( i haven't done much ccing today but what ive had should still be in my allowance :)