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What is the difference between original slimming world and extra easy? Im confused!

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by stacey2kl, 4 June 2012 Social URL.

  1. stacey2kl

    stacey2kl Active Member

    Thank you very muchn xx
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  3. Minimunchkins

    Minimunchkins Well-Known Member


    Stacey - have a squizz at the above link. It should help but basically SW have 3 plans :- EE, Original (Red) & Green. On original days you can have as much meat & veg as you need to feel full but you have to either syn or use your HE allowance for any potatoes, pasta & rice. On Green days you can have as much rice, pasta & potatoes as you like but need to syn or use your HE allowance for meat & fish. EE is the plan where you can have a mix of Red & Green foods but each meal has to consist of 1/3 from the superfree list (all fruit & most veg).

    If you have a Red or Green day, you can have x 2 HEa + 1 or 2 HEb but on EE days you can only have 1 of each.

    Check out some members food diaries - that should also help you out.
  4. stacey2kl

    stacey2kl Active Member

    Thnk you very much indeedy xx
  5. Minimunchkins

    Minimunchkins Well-Known Member

    You're welcome.

    There's a few more 'Stickys' that will also shed light on the whole thing - have a look down the main SW Forum and go into each Sub Forum or Sticky until you the answers to what you'd like to know.

    At the top of each Forum you can also click on the 'Search Forum' facility & type the gist of something - chances are the questions you want will have been asked before (at least once or a hundred :D).

    If you really can't find something, the gang are really helpful and will point you in the right direction.

    Good luck

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