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What is the most romantic christmas present you've ever been given

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Thought this would be a bit of fun for the next week or so,inspired by starlight.

I met Mr B on 8th dec (1995), and in the next couple weeks he spent quite a bit of time at my place (sure I dont need to expand)
anyway on christmas eve as he was about to head back to his folks' he gave me a hot water bottle,with a magic roundabout dougal cover. Said it was to keep me warm whenever he wasn't around. I knew he was a keeper.
Still have dougal too:hug99:
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Matty bought me a nemo doll for my birthday after we first got together.. difficult to explain but love that silly fish more than anything else he's ever bought me!


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I love the snowman film, its always makes me cry. My poor class have to sit through it most years and get growled at if they even dare to cough!! lol
Anyway, Steve left little notes around the house with clues on them which eventually led me to the concert hall where he was waiting in a suit with a big bunch of roses. We went in and they were showing the snowman on the huge screen with orchastra playing and Billy boyd narrating! I was in tears! Then we all sang christmas carols with the orchasta!
When we got home he gave me an early xmas pressie of an ornament of the goodbye scene (my fav) so I always remembered the evening! was the best ever!!


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This year I'm getting a charm bracelet with a bear on. Bears are my favourite animal. However, I bought it myself :p Adam did wrap it though and he is going to buy charms to add to it in the future.
Keith bought me an emerald one year, which he said matched my eyes.

My ex-husband bought me a microwave oven one year - I should at least be grateful it wasn't an ironing board!

Jen is in the lead so far I think.


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Aww some of these are lovely. Hubby gave me 4 or 5 normal prezzies last year and a box of chocolates - if I am honest I was a little disappointed, well that is until the end of January when i finally got round to opening the chocolates and found a beautiful pair of diamond ear-rings in the box!!!
one year i got a lovely braclet with all different handbag charms on it. its fab i think its the best present ive ever gotton of him!! :D he does try but could try harder!!!!!!!


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Oh I forgot! 2 years ago Adam did me a stocking because he knew I love them and my mum said I was too old (she did it anyway :p). I was completely wrong stocking wise, but filled with lovely things. A book on speaking with dogs as I was about to start my animal management course, what he thought was my favourite perfume (it was the right brand, wrong version, but close enough), a thing you put on your key that beeps when you whistle because I kept losing it. I can't really remember the rest but it was all really thoughtful stuff :)

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