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What is the science behind Slimming World?


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Hi all,

Im quite young but Ive tried most diets in the hope of shedding weight.

Ive been doing Slimming world for only 3 weeks and Ive already lost 9lbs.

I know its more of a lifestyle than diet but I think SW is amazing, but in honestly I still dont understand exactly how it works. Im vegetarian so always have green days so I eat lots of rice, potatoes etc.

Can anyone just explain exactly how it works? Is it to do with the way the food breaks down?? Im totally sold by it but just baffled ;-)
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I guess the science bit is that the majority of the food you eat will be very low in fat, but I think SW's success is more about psychology than science.
If you are told that you can have unlimited amounts of tasty food whenever you want them, you will basically be less likely to crave and pine for things you cannot have.

I think that is the true success of SW- sorting out all our messed up heads that have spent years believing that eating is bad but have been unable to stop ourselves.

Good luck on your journey!


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I think its all about eating satisfying foods which are low in calorie density and restricting the higher calorie or fatty foods like cheese, cereals, bread etc.

Even though you can have tons of pasta,rice and potato, it's not as bad as eating huge quantities of other foods. Plus, if you have green then the red is "limited" and vice versa. On EE it's cut back by one A and B.

I also think there's a bit of psychology involved too as by being told things are restricted (eg WW) then you can want more without really being hungry. With SW, as you never run out of points for example, you know you can always have something!

There's probably more too it, but that's my take on it anyway!!
I just know it works!
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I agree too!

SW still restricts what you eat but it gives you so many more options. It encourages you to fill up on the low calorie, low fat foods, as many other diets do too, but the key difference is that it works with your appetite. If you're hungry, there are loads of things you can munch on and not feel guilty about it. And for me, that's the key. Getting over feeling guilty about putting food inside my body is such a battle and I'm still not there, but am getting there.

I did WW for a few years, way back. I liked it at the time, but the others are right about the psychology. Ok so no food is banned, but I was obsessed with points and worried all the time about 0pts soup, how many points have I had so far, what should I save, what should I eat, etc. Now I've got my head round SW it's much more easy.
Ok, I am still slightly obsessed with free foods but it's a more healthy obsession!!

I am waffling. But I agree that the psychology of SW is a winner.


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Hi Lisa

The 1st week I did SW I noted down what I ate and worked out the calories. It was roughly the same as on a calorie controlled diet. I haven't worked it out since as I know it works and the whole idea of SW is you don't have to do that.

Where do you attend class? I'm changing to an East Sussex class tomorrow.


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Ah thank you ladies.

I also tried WW a few years back and after 14 months I'd only lost 7lbs...at one time I became obssessed with counting calories & things got a little worrying but I feel SW is a great way of life.

I think when I used to note the calorie content of food it was always things like potato & other carbs Id try not to eat too much of but knowing I can have it now & in so many ways is great.

Im also finding that if Im peckish I automatically choose fruit before anything else which I guess is good.

Sue - Im in Hastings...what class are you joining?


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Hi Lisa, a lot more north than you :)

I'm going to the morning one in Crowborough. I currently go to a meeting in Tunbridge Wells but (for me) the group has got too big.

It's amazing how quickly your taste buds/habits adapt to the plan (says Sue who has been soooo off plan for the last couple of weeks it's ridiculous!! :) )


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Ha ha I see Sue!! ;-) Ah yes not quite near me, I forget how many classes there are in East Sussex!

Can I ask you how you get the slimming world 'stickers' on your profile?



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Once you've posted 50 times (I think it's 50) you can add them to your signature (User CP up on blue lines) near top of page.

Not long after I joined here someone, can't remember who,m said it was ok to copy and paste from their signature.

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I have a theory about the science surround Slimming World, I might be way off though!!

Firstly I agree with what everyone else says, I previously did WW and it just wasn't working for me I was getting very stressed out over it. With Slimming World you can eat so much that a lot of the stress is taken away but you don't feel you are on a diet at all and therefore you can be far more relaxed which I think is an important key to a diet succeeding. If you are stressed and worrying about it then I think your body panics and you just don't lose weight to your full potential.

Anyway my theory. Some free foods and speed foods are negative calorie foods, ie your body uses up more calories to burn them than that food actually contains, so the more you eat of these foods the more calories your body will burn up just to digest them. Theres loads about negative calorie foods in the internet including a list of them (obviously the main ones are vegetables such as broccoli etc). Anyway so thats my theory of why Slimming World will work as long as you stick to the principles.


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I agree with you Lydia, Ive found Im eating more than I used to but Im loving what Im eating & learning new things to cook/new ways to cook. And I think if you are enjoying something you're definately more likely to stick with it.


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It explains much of the correct scientific basis of SW in the start up kit/booklet/folder and on their website.

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