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what would you make?


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dont you think cd should make ice lollys/ice cream for summer lol. we have soup to keep us warm in winter, what about summer?!

if you could get cd to make diffrent things u could have, what would they be? low fat chocolate? lol ect ect

:eek: cant u tell im bored?
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ohhhh i never thought of the ice lollys loool, but the frozen tetras are lush lol,

butttt really want a mr whippy lol or a 99


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I am defo missing ice lollies!! Thought bout getting water flavouring and making my own can't beat sitting in garden in the sun with an ice lolly!! Can't you put the tetras in the freezer to make chocci icecream? lol


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I do the water flavouring lollies, you need to make sure the water flavouring is well mixed in, or it sinks to the bottom and makes it a bit sour.

I also make iced coffees, using vanilla shake, but it also works just as well with banana and capuccino shakes. I use 10-12 ice cubes, a sweetener, 400 mls of water, 1tbsp of coffee and whizz it really well with the hand blender. It's lush, I'm addicted to them
Ok, ok, I know we're not allowed Coke Zero, but they make REALLY nice ice-lollies.

I have made choc tetra ice-cubes, but they are really difficult to get out of the tray :(. I need to get one of those rubbery ones. Once out, they are lovely.


now got pictures in album
I have 1 coke zero a day :O


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they should make chocolate thats allowed on this diet lol


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or vinalla one lol mmm or fudge! mmm


Me on the right! x
I brought some funky ice lolly moulds last night... going to make some strawberry pops for the weekend! I'm hoping they'll be like berry mini-milks... fingers crossed!!
(I got my moulds in Whittards... not sure if they have shops outside of London tho..??) Although I hear from the minis that £ shops etc sell them. xx


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can u freeze the shakes?!


Me on the right! x
I'll soon find out tomorrow and let you know! :) x
They're only water so I'm guessing you can?!?


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Carb free food is avaliable but thats not the point of CD.

You can have jelly and ice cream using water flavourings and mix a mousse for the jelly and either a frozen tetra or a pack blended with ice cubes for the ice cream.

You could even cut up a bar and add it to your ice cream or melt a bit of bar in the micro to make a choc/fudge sauce.

Or how about a slush puppy. Blend together ice, water and water flavourings along with a drop of food colouring.

After I've made up a fruit flavour shake in the blender I add some more water and ice along with a pinch of flavouring. When you mix this up with the residue that is left in the blender it all foams up just like Cremola Foam(for those old enough) or a bit like an ice cream soda.
If you used sparkling water it would be even more fizzy. Mmmm a lovely cold creamy fizzy drink. What more could you want!

Seriously though if we do it right(says me on my umpteenth restart) we wont be on this for too long. Have a look at the recipe section. Crisps, muffins choc bars can all be made using the packs.

We can do it!


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