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What's everyone getting for christmas at your house?

Me and hubby made a pact only to get one present for each other this year and put what we normally spend on daft stuff towards our holiday in June. So I bought OH *SOMETHING SECRET* and he has bought me another year's subscription to Spotify - can't live without it now - I have thousands of songs on my playlists.

The little woman is getting loads of Sylvanian families stuff, including a playhouse, and the wee man is getting computer games, DS games, a couple of lego sets, and stuff I bought so long ago and put away that I've forgotten. :eek:

What do you want this year? Any hunches what you'll actually get? And what have you bought for your nearest and dearest?
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I have a new dog walking jacket (childrens size lol - childrens price too which is even better) new jamas and slippers (dog made sure of that as he ate half of one of mine at weekend) a bottle of welsh whisky - not sure what else...................

Not putting what I have got the missus in case she reads this lol
Oh bugger, off to edit in case OH drops by. PANIC!!!!!!!!!
It's like this Bren - only you and me know what I got him. Loose lips sink ships and all that! Tally ho, pip pip!
I'm getting a kindle and loads of amazon vouchers to download books, I have no idea what anyone else is getting. I think Colleen wants a new winter coat, she'll get that in the sales.
I've got OH an iPod classic & a really gorgeous book from the kids to use like a scrap bool, to put in drawings, pictures, cards etc.

AJ has a gawjuss playmobil house, princess dressing up clothes, colouring books (she's obsessed) & loads of pink glittery things in her stocking!

Jakey has a new bike, some DS games & the whole series of how to train yr dragon books plus lots of lego bits in his stocking.

As for me... I have got a couple of lens adaptors for my camera coming & I'm really hoping for some new slippers & an electric blanket... I'm such a cold ar$e these days!! OH is really good at suprising me so I'm sure they'll be a couple!
Oh pink sparkly stuff sounds fab Linz - oh and can you post pic of the playmobil house please?
Im getting dressing gown,cardigown,folding chopping board and already had some knives off mum.
My friend from cambridge gave me pressies and i know one is sausage dog pjs (not for them for me) cos the silly mare didnt have any sellotape.
BF - ive asked for new taps and plugs and door handles LMFAO and and a boob and bum and liposuction jobbies :D
I bought my mum a lush eye makeup set and some smellies she wanted and a calendar from the girls. the girls have got lots of xmassy treats and one toy for Luna (a slipper)


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Bought t-shirts for my brother and nephews; books and Sanctuary stuff for my friend in NZ; a book, posh olive oil, ceramics and smellies for friends here - and the SS (not telling).

Couple of prezzies under the tree for me, plus one I need to collect (might be your one Vicky, or SS?), and a couple more coming - don't know what any of them will contain! :)
oh its probably mine suze - well i hope so. open the box and see the measly present wrapped up inside :)
let me know if it is from me and Linz too when you get please x


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Roger wilco


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I've just received pressies from my team leader and another lady at work wanting to thank me for help, how lovely!
I had a t-shirt printed for FIL with laptop, mp3 and mobile pics on saying 'all the gear but no idea' and 'Gadget Man' on the back - should make him laugh. OH's son is getting a netbook, my youngest computer games, my eldest maybe a clip round the ear ;) beautiful dresses for step-grandaughters (oh how I wish I'd had girls!) trucks for step-grandsons, booze with glasses for step-sons and their OH's, nothing yet for mother or MIL (oops) possible Superdry hoodie for OH and for me......Fitflop black leather Mukluks unless I send them back for the knee high suede ones :)
Just seen the post Linz :) thanks for the playmobil going to look and yearn now ;)
Oh Linzi that's fab! How I would have loved that when I was little!

Off to look for the How to train your Dragon books now too - the wee man loves the movie, might get them for his birthday. :)
Oh Linz, you're the best mummy ever! Feel quite crummy with my mishmash of second hand ebay Sylvanian sets now! No I don't actually, the little woman is animal mad, I know it'll be right up her street. Can we come and play with yours when we;re fed up though?

The wee man has watched the DVD about six times now, and we've only had it for a week!
The playmobil house is from ebay too... although it is new but majority of stuff is from ebay, I love ebay the one stop shop for everything, plus it usually means I can make the money stretch that bit further...

And yes your very welcome at any time!

Both Amalie & Jacob are obsessed, infact Amalie has now said she doesn't want a playmobile house now she wants the playmobile dragons castle hey ho! I don't think since Jakeys birthday (18/11) its had a day off yet! Got Jakey the ds game for crimbo. x

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