Whats the damage?


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has to be said. i have not stopped eating since wednesday, christmas pud, chocolate buttons, lindt, quality street after quality street, white bread, real butter, massive home made yorkshire puddings, goose fat potatoes, double extra thick cream.. the lot.

I cant stop. always starting with good intentions.

have decided the weeks agone and i weigh in wed so might aswell deal with it next week.

Recon a good 6lb gain, target -1 atm so hopefully only need to lose about 4 after..

how'd you all do? x
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I got on the scales this morning and was pleasantly surprised with only 0.5 on that is after eating everything off plan since Tuesday and drinking 5 bottles of wine.I am still off plan but trying to be sensible.Good luck all x


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S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
haha. Aww. Atleast were having fun though guys, Iv had the best xmas.

Im suprised at myself. iv not even managed to be slightly good and ensure i eat my HEA's!

Im not OFF plan though, becuase im still aware of the food i am eating, the consequences and planning next week to fix this, so even though im not 'doing the plan' im still on it right? LOl



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Well, despite my good intentions, I had 2 whole days off plan and ate and drank whatever I fancied. I weighed in today 3lbs higher than 2 days ago, which takes me to target +5 - eek! (I always weigh in daily!).

So, back on plan today to try and start losing the excess. I went for a lovely long walk this a.m. and I'm gonna jump on the cross-trainer tomorrow.

Still, it was nice to eat what I fancied, even just for a couple of days!


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In the same boat, I managed quite easily to gain 10lbs in just over a week, so I've got some serious making amends to do. Had a good time though and after all, I chose to stuff myself with the goodies so not whinging about it, just trying to rectify the damage. Back on plan now but have felt very delicate this last 2 days (probably reaction to a week of crap food) so taking it very steadily.


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I'm not due to weigh in till tomorrow, but a sneak preview this morning shows +2lb. Which is something of a Christmas miracle after the 2 days total troughing! Hopefully I might pull that back abit by tomorrow.


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I'm not weighing in until Friday (which is my official WI day) but I had a good Christmas so I am expecting a 7lbs gain at least......but, we shall see.


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Im not too sure at the moment, im not starting class again until the 2nd week of January so i wont get my official weigh in until then.

Also, my scales need new batteries so i cant weigh at home but i reckon ive put about 3lbs on, on top of the 3lbs i gained whilst having a few months off.


Ahh well, Im back on it now so hopefully when i start class again in Jan i wont be too traumatised with the number on the scales :p


Wishing and hoping!
i got on the scales and was five pound over however i did have a kebab and chips last night (as knew it will be the last time for some good damage lol) although was slightly healthy with the salad a chilli sauce me thinks ;)
good news back on plan and I feel tons better :)


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This morning only showed a pound gain. Then was going to be abck on it today. Oh dear. In previous years, this is where the damage has really been done. I don't stop until the New Year. Determined that won't happen this year. Bank holiday over now. I have thrown a load of stuff in the wheelie bin. Why oh why do I have to actually tip it out in to the wheelie bin. There's nothing actually open. Well apart from Roses. 2.5 syns each. Tomorrow I will put this to an end and get back on plan. However. 3 months on plan yielded no results before. Still think it's to do with depo. My boobs ahve felt mlike they are going to explode for 2 months now. That must be hormonal, and maybe body getting back to normal. Last injection was February!!!! I'll give SW 2 weeks after crimbo then may ahve to go to the dark side and count either points or cals. Holiday in Tenerife starts on Easter MOnday. Want tom lose at least a stone. Only 1lb a week Should be more than doable!!



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I weighed in last night and was shocked to see a 6lb gain. I've never gained that much and I didn't think I was that bad! That's over 2 weeks though and I was away and although my main meals were SW friendly, an awful lot of stuff wasn't (quite clearly!).
I am half a stone over my target which is shocking. I need to lose 4lb this week which is too much to ask for so I'd best take some money with me next week *hangs head in shame*

Enjoyed every little mouthful though!


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Weighed earlier and 6lb has gone on. Getting back to plan in the new year. Have a party tomorrow night so there's going to be no point until then. Just going to be "good" today.


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Had an unofficial WI this morning (on the industrial scales, at work lol!) and I've gained 1lb. 1lb!!! Seriously. Only a pesky lb. I gain that much when I've merely sniffed a snickers usually. Since Friday 18th I've pretty much been off plan. It was work do, birthday, SW party, then Christmas, so it's been full-on for more than a week. I've had loads of chocolate and nibbles, a few glasses of vino (but not much, honest) and of course, large meals. How does that only equal 1lb?

Time to knuckle down and shift it, and be extra careful that it doesn't creep on again next week.

How have you done St. Fern?



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i gained half a pound at class last night - which was over 12 days (my last WI was 17/12) so i am super chuffed!!! :D x


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ST.fern gained 5lbs, taking me to target plus 4. Im okay with that, it was more than deserved. back on it today! xx

Happy Holidays

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I'm very happy I STS, before Christmas I knew what I wanted to eat, ie christmas pud, mince pie etc & more or less stuck to it. But we've not had new year yet & at the moment I feel quiet pleased with myself, almost a relaxed state, I do feel now I could enjoy a number of syns :cool:


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I dragged my still drunk backside to sw last night (walked as too over the limit to drive) and discovered I had lost 1/2 a pound. Errrm nearly got lynched and fell off the scales:stickdance:

I was off plan infact I joked with a freind I was counting chocolate oranges as free food so I'm totaly confused apart from the fact my baby has been ill so upped his feeds


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Weighed in at class and put on 2lbs which I think for me is exceptionally good, been to pizza express and ate what I wanted including mince pies/xmas cake/sweets the lot. Back on plan now as I need to lose another 3 stone at least in 2010.

Happy New "slimmer" Year to you all x