When did your loses slow

Discussion in 'Weight Watchers' started by mummyoffour, 4 February 2013 Social URL.

  1. mummyoffour

    mummyoffour Full Member

    So third week loss was half a pound, 8 in total now. I have stayed within my points but used my weeklies. Managed not to get disheartened and go off track. Went shopping today and filled up with good things I can have.
    Anyone had small loses? Did you sometimes lose more or should I expect much of the same from now on? I know no one has a crystal ball, just looking for experiences.

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  3. Howie

    Howie It's a way of life...

    I had the occasional half pound loss, but this was usually followed by a good loss the following week. Eight pounds in three weeks is good, you should be pleased. As for slowing down, I can honestly say I never did really slow down. Yes the occasional low loss, but on the whole anything from one to three (or even four) pounds per week, every week. However, remember that WW suggest that you look to lose a max of 2 pounds per week for a safe weight loss.
  4. mummyoffour

    mummyoffour Full Member

    Thanks, I really am pleased. To be honest it was an accomplishment to actually stay on track on week three, so any loss was a bonus lol feeling good so hopefully it will keep falling off. Have no pressure or close goal date so don't mind if it takes me 2 years, I'm bloomin determined lol find the morrisons nume range a godsend!! The chicken in red wine is amazing, reminds me of something I used to get in a restaurant so feels really naughty!! Lol

    Thanks for the help :0)
  5. trinab

    trinab Gold Member

    Hi. This is my 4th week on old w.w the first week I lost 3 pound and then the last 2 weeks ive only lost 1 pound so my weight loss seems realy slow. I thought I might have done abit better than 5 pound in 3 week! Glad somebody else loves the nume range as much as me!!! Have you tried the tropical cottage cheese its only 1 point for half the tub and its gorgeous! Also try the nume crisps. The salad dressings are 0 points and are lovely.:)
  6. Howie

    Howie It's a way of life...

    The M&S 'count on us' range is pointed also. I particularly like the Bengali cod curry !
  7. mummyoffour

    mummyoffour Full Member

    It's great, I haven't tried the cottage cheese, will have to give it ago!! I think they have brought out a really good range!! Your doing really well. Well done :0)
  8. mummyoffour

    mummyoffour Full Member

    I love the m&s!!! The Yorkshireman with roast beef are amazing!!!! Love em!!! Thanks for your help
  9. mummyoffour

    mummyoffour Full Member

    Wow!!! Thanks, yes definitely makes me feel happier!!! Great motivator, thank you :0)
  10. That picture always keeps me on track! I had it as the background on my phone ha ha

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