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Who are you?


Losing the mummy fat
Thought it would be good to do a thread dedicated to us and what we like ect :D I'll start off.

Name: Natasha but prefer Tasha
Age: 20
Occupation: Admin Assistant/general dogsbody
Hobbies: Dancing, dogs :rolleyes: addicted to internet especially shopping!
Likes: Going on holiday where its lovely & warm, lie ins
Dislikes: Rain & lack of sleep
Fave food: When not on a diet I love curry but my fave diet food is Special K bars - gorgeous and less than 90 cals lol
Worst food: Cucumbers eurghhh
Fave TV programmes: CSI, The Hills, Law & Order
Worst TV programmes: Quiz shows & Antique roadshow
Ambition in life: To be happy and finally find an occupation that I love!

Your turn :D
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Hi Tasha!

Name: Taz
Age: 29

Occupation: Train guard
Hobbies: Karate, swimming, ice skating, reading
Likes: Chocolate!
Dislikes: People who aren't genuine
Fave food: Pizza
Worst food: Sprouts, mushrooms
Fave TV programmes: Friends
Worst TV programmes: Big brother
Ambition in life: To be happy and healthy

Mumma K

Gold Member
Name: Karen but all my friends call me Kally which I prefer
Age: oh gawd 40 something lol oh ok 47
Occupation: I'm being posh now Courtsey Coach driver lol Bus driver
Hobbies: the internet, playing the Wii, and my sims 3
Likes: Animals
Dislikes: people who are cruel to animals
Fav food:Spainish
Worst food:pizza and Chocolate YUCK!!
Favourite TV programmes:Burn Notice, The Mentalist, 24, Csi and Emmerdale
Worst TV programmes: Coronation Street and anything on the SCI FI channel


Name: Samantha but everyone calls me Sam
Age: 24
Occupation: I work for an Estate Agent
Hobbies: Music, Films, Books,
Likes: Hot baths when it's cold, friendly people
Dislikes: Hot weather, high maintenance, discrimination
Fave food: Probably seafood
Worst food: Liver
Fave TV programmes: CSI Vegas & NY, Sons of Anarchy, True Blood, Cold Case, Criminal Minds, Glee, 30 Rock, The Big Bang Theory, Lie To Me, The Mentalist
Worst TV programmes: Reality shows (although I do have a soft spot for X Factor and American Idol)
Ambition in life: Just to be happy
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Name: Rebecca - Nickname - Becca
Age: 22
Occupation: Bingo Chat Master
Hobbies: Online Gaming, Horse riding
Likes: Playing with my 2 kiddies
Dislikes: Snow, rain and dogs mess on the streets
Fave food: Chinese sweet and Sour battered chicken!
Worst food: Macaroni Cheese
Fave TV programmes: Eastenders, Law & Order UK
Worst TV programmes: River City, Emmerdale
Ambition in life: To die happy.

Hayley 22

would like to be slim
Name: Hayley but i get called H, Hailz, Hazzle bazzle etc.

Age: 22

Occupation: Transport and office administrator

Likes: Summer, BBQ's, family get togethers

Fights, drunks, abuse, rain

Fav food: My chicken and bacon pasta dish, pizza, doner kebab, chips n cheese (all the bad things basically) :)

Worst food: Erm . . . parsnips and avacado *yuk* (not together obviously)


Slim for Summer!
Name: Milly!
Age: 20
Occupation: Housewife :p
Hobbies: Photography & spending too much money...
Likes: Sunshine & fresh air. My Guinea Pigs & BF.
Dislikes: Exercise & Depression.
Fave food: Roasted bell peppers! Om nom nom..
Worst food: Milk! boak.
Fave TV programmes: Anything on Food Network TV. Oh dear. :(
Worst TV programmes: The News, lol.
Ambition in life: To find love & have a happy, fun & fulfilled life. Also to own a lovely wee Cafe & live somewhere warm. :)


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Name: Alison, get called Ali most of the time
Age: 38
Occupation: chief cook and bottle washer AKA stay at home mum :D
Hobbies: Walking, surfing the net, reading, listening to music
Likes: long soaks in a bubble bath :D
Dislikes:lack of sleep
Fave food: Seafood
Worst food: Avocados, hummus
Fave TV programmes: Soaps, NCIS:Los Angeles, Biggest Loser
Worst TV programmes: Antique roadshow
Ambition in life: to be happy
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Name; Teresa or T
Age; 39
Occupation; Unemployed at the mo
Hobbies; Card making,watching TV, playing comp games
Dislikes;Rude people
Fav Food; HOT Curry
Worst Food; Veggies
Fav TV Prog; Eastenders
Worst TV Prog; Anything sport

Jonny B

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Name: Jonathan when I'm in trouble, Jonny or Jon otherwise!
Age: 23
Occupation: My title is Executive Internal Account Reconciler, sounds more fancy than it is!
Hobbies: Remote control cars, big boys toys, the internet
Likes: All sorts of things! Big UFC fan.
Dislikes: Dishonesty and fake people
Fave food: Pizza, whilst dieting my favourite thing is chicken breasts!
Worst food: Liver, disgusting :(
Fave TV programmes: The Ultimate Fighter Series, Prison Break, FlashForward
Worst TV programmes: Glee, wow that programme annoys me, my girlfriend loves it though.
Ambition in life: To have no regrets.

Big Dave


Name: Dave
Age: 23
Occupation: Unemployed atm.
Hobbies: Might'nt look it but ime enjoying the gym at the mo, mma training and fishing
Likes: money, driving, sleeing, most food :D
Dislikes: alcohol, rude obnoxious people
Worst food: not many but cant stand celery
Fave TV programmes: can watch most things but i do like Auf weidersehen pet, only fools and horses etc
Worst TV programmes: any soaps
Ambition in life: to get fit, healthy and find mrs right :D


x x x
Name: Jennifer, technically. Only Mother calls me that. I get Jen, Jenny, or Pickle.
Ah. Administrator. The generic office dogsbody...
...variable..! At the moment, anything Wii based, walking in the woods, ebaying my old-me wardrobe, dying my hair...
Likes: Cowboys, animals+nature, rock+pop punk, funky nail varnish+scarves+bags, being quirky and making people smile :) I like lots of stuff!
People who don't listen or care, users, oranges, and octopusses kinda freak me out.
Fave food: I can not pick just one, it is impossible. Curries, Thai, or just mince & tatties.. :)
Worst food: Fish with eyes on. Gads.Oh and food that has secret oranges in it. It makes me hurl, they should declare it on the menu/box!!!And I can't eat pancakes either...
Fave TV programmes:
Hollyoaks, Lost. I don't really do TV. Oh, I will watch Come Dine With Me if it is on :)
Worst TV programmes: repeats of old sit coms etc. Big Brother. The One Show.
Ambition in life: To go to Madagascar. And to wear size 12 jeans. One day... oh yes, I will do that... and no-one will believe me!


Name: Aimee :)

Age: 18 in two months.

Occupation: College student in september. (Low self confidence has held me back)

Hobbies: Art, music, photography, dancing even though i can't :p, helping people, laughing! :D

Likes: Nice people! Cuddles. :hug99:

Dislikes: Bullies, selfish people!

Fave food: Cheese. :(

Worst food: Meat!

Fave TV programmes: Anything that makes me laugh!

Worst TV programmes: Alot of Daytime TV!

Ambition in life: To be happy being ME! :woohoo:


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
Ooooh i like :) Im still a n00b so anything to help out!

Name: Sharon
Age: 23
Occupation: Group Health and Safety Administrator - thats my official title, im also a P.A!!! :mad:
Hobbies: Reading, games consoles and movies!
Likes: Watching the rain come down on a summers day from the comfort of my conservatory :eek:
Dislikes: Alot of things. i can be bad tempered
Fave food: Cheesecake :(
Worst food: Marmite
Fave TV programmes: Hells Kitchen USA, Glee, Sex and the City
Worst TV programmes: I wont say, people love it!
Ambition in life: To be a teacher! Im currently studying for a degree :D


Bad Girl
Covered some of it in my intro thread but here ya go:

Name: Jo
Age: 46
Occupation: Book-keeper & payroll specialist
Hobbies: Riding my motorbike, camping, knitting, food :eek:
Likes: cats, the sea, my family, sunshine, rock music, men with long hair
Dislikes: dishonesty, being fat, rain
Fave food: Chicken
Worst food: courgettes *puke*
Fave TV programmes: Judge Judy, Jeremy Kyle
Worst TV programmes: If I don't like it I don't watch it so no idea
Ambition in life: To retire early and live in a big house by the sea


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Name: Liz
Age: 21

Occupation: Animal Management Student/ part time job
Hobbies: Drawing, painting, reading, special FX makeup, volunteer work, socializing
Likes: Animals, horror movies, fancy dress, rainbows, dreadlocks, makeup, piercings, tattoos
Dislikes: liars and un-thoughtful people
Fave food: on lighter life – crispy cranberry bar! Used to be pasta, cheese and garlic bread, yum!
Worst food: meat
Fave TV programmes: Black books, family guy, south park, peep show, invader zim, desperate housewives, how not to live your life, friends and hollyoaks
Worst TV programmes: x factor, big brother!
Ambition in life: To finish uni and become a RSPCA inspector =)
Name- Nikki
Age -40
Hobbies im a mad console gamer i also collect things
Likes- watching my dog when hes in a hyper lol as he looks as if hes dancing.
Dislikes cant stand people that bad mouth me behind my back if you have something to say then say it to my face.I also get mad when people that are either as big as me if not bigger shouting at me fatty.
Favourite food-Marmite crispbreads
Worst food-peppers
fav tv show-supernatural
Least fav-coranation street
Ambition in life-To loose this weight get back into boxing &to hope my dad recovers from his stroke


Name: John
Age: 24
Occupation: Web Developer
Hobbies: Going out to concerts/festivals/general nights out with mates, playing on the ol ps3, reading, 3d modelling/animation, cooking and playing the violin
Likes: Music of pretty much every genre, fantasy novels, funky people and gaming
Dislikes: i suppose the nice way to say it would be "people who tend to speak bovine excrement"
Fave food: Japanese/Chinese food
Worst food: mushrooms
Fave TV programmes: Californication, Sons of Anarchy, Dexter, Metalocalypse, South Park, 30 Rock, 2 and a half men
Worst TV programmes: Reality TV
Ambition in life: To travel the world meeting funky folk then get myself that dream job in the gaming industry!


Name: Sara/Minkle/Sarawarawoo.
Insurance advisor.
Reading lots, knitting and I'm planning on getting back into going to the gym!
Likes: Books, TV shows, laughing at my bf playing MW2 and getting drunk with my girlies.
Too many to list, mostly people who are selfish and people who can't take responsibility for their actions.
Fave food: Ooh I dunno, at the minute I'd have to say pico de gallo from the mexican place in Merry Hill, its godly!
Worst food: Liver, kidney...anything considered offal really.
Fave TV programmes: Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Glee, Bones, The L Word, Lost, Gossip Girl, Big Bang Theory, United States of Tara...lots more too.
Worst TV programmes: Big Brother, A Question of Sport, The Hills.
Ambition in life: To be happy and comfortable. Being a bit skinnier would be nice too ;)


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Age: 20.

Occupation: "Housewife" currently. haha.
Hobbies: Rock Climbing, Reading, Playing MW2, Singing, Gigs..
Likes: Music, My fiancee, Tattoos, Piercings, Shoes, Colourful tights and my New Rocks.
Dislikes: Ignorance, Drunks, Alcohol, Arguing, Being made to do something i dont want to do, having to get out of bed when its cold, UTI's, Yellow, Having to stay in at the hospital, When bad things happen to good people, God haters, Animal crulty..I could go on. There's alot i dont like.
Fave food: Chicken..Fried, Grilled, Roasted, Steamed..With sauce, without. Just anything containing chicken..<3 om nom.
Worst food: Peas.
Fave TV programmes: LOST LOST LOST LOST!!!£"£%%$.
Worst TV programmes: Anything that isnt Lost.
Ambition in life: To marry the love of my life and have babies with him.