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Who would you invite to an imaginary dinner party?


I will be a Princess!
Right then all you lovely lot! I'm stuck at home today with the lurgy, so I thought I'd post something random!

If you were to have a dinner party for 10 people (or 11 including yourself) who would you invite?

It can be anybody from the present or the past...get thinking!

Mine would be:

1. Johnny Depp (my bit of eye candy!)
2. Alan Carr - soooo funny!
3. Oscar Wilde
4. Watson and Crick (I am a sad scientist!)
5. Mother Teresa
6. Adolf Hitler (I abhor what he did, but he was a fantastic orator)
7. Martin Luther King Jr
8. Boudica or Joan of Arc
9. Winston Churchill
10. Poets of the Fall (they're a band from Finland, and could provide the entertainment for the evening!)

Oooo, I think there'd be some major fireworks at my dinner party!! I don't think my guests would get along very well, lol! :)

Sian xxx
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1. RAy Winstone
2. Boy George
3. Vinnie JOnes
4. Norman Tebbit, can't stand his views but love a good row!
5.Neil Kinnock
6. Victoria Wood
7. Niall Quinn
8. PAuline Quirk
9. Paul Merton
10. Graham Norton


Now to maintain.....
1 = Rick Astley.......the man is god!!!!
2 = Russell Howard.
3 = Carl Lewis.
4 = Jesse Owens.
5 = Baron Pierre De Coubertin (the founder of the olympic games).
6 = Martin Luther King.
7 = Ian Wright.
8 = A survivor from the titanic.
9 = The queen....id like to see what she's really like.
10 = My nan....she died before i met my hubby and had my children and got married and id like her to see/know how ive ended up!
mine would change all the time, but today it will be the following:

1. My Grandma who i miss every day (and similar to Lurverick to meet my hubby to be as she didnt when she was alive).
2. Kylie Minogue (for musical wondrus-ness)
3. James Martin (to cook)
4. Albert Einstein
5. Notradamus
6. Sarah Millican (comedienne)
7. Dave Grohl
8. My hubby to be - Mr Ellebear
9. Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson
10. Katie Price
My husband
My daughter
John Barrowman - such an entertainer
Colonel Bob Stewart - read his book years ago and listened to him the other day. Great man.
Jane McDonald - she does make me laugh!
Phillip Glennister - but only as Gene Hunt.
James Martin - to look at and to cook
My late best friend - I miss her every day
Chris Evans - he's just fab!
Alan Titchmarsh - gardener extraordinaire!!!
1. Take That (they count as one dont they?)
2. Graeme from Coronation Street
3. Rhod Gilbert
4. Philip Schofield
5. Julie Walters
6. Prince Harry
7. Simon Cowell
8. Jonny Depp
9. Gok Wan
10. Kate Gosslin
Right. Umm...

Alan Titchmarsh (I was already having him before the last post, cos he makes me laugh)
Alexander the Great
Sally Traffic from Radio 2
Julie Walters
Judi Dench
Patrick Stewart
Alice Thomas Ellis
Stephen Fry
Alan Plater

We should get a good mixture of intellectual discussion and lots of giggles!
I nearly forgot him too. It would have been disastrous! He wouldn't be that far down my list really. I need people who'll make me think and people who'll make me laugh. He does both.


Loves Norman Reedus
hmm mine would be.
1. My dad to find out more about his life as a "coloured" boy in South Africa
2. Jensen Ackles, (hmm supernatural)
3. Rob Patterson
4. Ghandi
5. Desmond Tutu
6. Babs Windsor (to find out about the bits she didnt include in her book.)
7. Marilyn Munroe
8. J K Rowling
9. Princess Diana
10. George Harrison

i dont care how good an orator Adolf Hitler was. i have no family on my mothers side because of him...


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Oscar Wilde
Elizabeth the first (did she die a virgin?)
Judi Dench a great giggler
Maggie Smith
Alan Rickman (great voice)
Hugh Laurie
Brian Cox
Jennifer Saunders
Michel Roux jr to cook (he has a great sense of humour behind those scarey eyes)
Of course I'm very sorry to hear that. No offence was meant xx
Likewise Tara, I didn't intend on offending anyone.

I studied German at university, and a large part of that involved studies of Nazi Germany - there's a lot of questions that need to be answered, that was my thinking behind it.


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