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Why WERE Women's Waists Thinner?


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Hey All!

I was reading an article today that says that since the 1950s, women's hip and bust size has barely changed, but our modern day waist measurement has shot up, from an average of 26" to 34".

Why do you think women's shapes have changed over the years? Why were women more hourglass back then? I'm quite happy with my shape, as I have a bit of a curve, but when I watch those old 1950s musicals, like Kiss Me Kate, I'm just so envious of ladies with teeny tiny waists, but still have great busts and great waists!
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Women have changed shape over the years and it started after the war, now is it a coincidence that this was the start of the era of processed foods, it was also the start of when people started having a lot more weight problems, and each decade has had an increase in the production of processed/junk foods, also cars became more widespread so less walking. Food for thought eh...................


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I wonder how much was corsets/shapewear and how much was processed foods? Shocking to think if its the latter. It's not an issue what people are heavier (although, aside, it is), it's that foods are actually changing peoples' SHAPE. Spooks me, anyway.


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It is the processed food and lack of exercise. I had a flat as a pancake stomach with a 22" waist in the 60s and it wasn't much bigger after 3 children. Alot of women put their big stomach down to having (huge, of course) babies and not excess weight lol.

I put on a couple of stone with underactive thyroid but as soon as I got it sorted I lost the weight...it shouldn't be used as a weight problem excuse once it's sorted either!