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***winning 'awesome arms' wednesday***


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Hello dear daily threaders

We are today contemplating the joys of 'awesome arms' so any exercise regimes to banish the bingo wings gratefully received.

Wishing everybody a great day. Hope its ok to go slightly off-topic and mention that there are cheap London theatre tickets now if you google 'Get Into London Theatre'. It is sort of diet related because I have just got tickets for 'Oliver' - and he did famously ask for more gruel, please sir?! Hadn't he heard of CD vegetable soup -much tastier, ha ha!

Wishing everybody a great day, with special thoughts for newbies and anyone struggling x :bestwishes:
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Thanx blingbabe. Wed & Sun are my struggle days (hum evry three days I wonder if there's a pattern), anyway off to do some upper body resistance training and drink some water. I see my CDC at 3pm for more food as I literally have no packs left. I'll be eating a pb bar later on to stave off that hungry feeling and will prob have a tuna salad meal for lunch.
Hope everyone has a fab day today


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Morning BB and Eme --

Arms -- really Bling! Have you been peeking in my window. I have absolutely no upper body strength. So, you have guilted me into doing something -- I promise. I am going to the gym to try a pilates class this morning, and that will probably have some "arm work" in it. But, I'll try to do the treadmill for 20 and couple of arm machines, as well.

Thanks for the theatre tip -- we're an hour out of Kings Cross on the First Capital Connect line (or something like that), and we plan to go into the city at least once a month to "do cultural things" with our 10 year old. She'll loves to go -- our son -- who is now at Uni hated it.

On or Off topic -- not sure? I am doing the DS Lite My Fitness Coach: Walking and it came with 2 pedometers. You can register one of them for a dog -- well, yesterday was the first day I had it on my dog from wake up to bedtime, and this is good... according to her "daily rythmn" she made her step quota within the first 15 minutes of wearing it. I let her out to wee and she saw a cat!!! She went bonkers running all over the garden sniffing the cat's path and looking for a way out to go and get her. Thus, the lesson learnt -- chase cats it's a good work out! LOL

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Morning all :)
I'm up, the sun is shining, my weight is behaving, I feel good and am about to go out and investigate the price of car parts for a friend in UK who needs a bit which costs 110 in UK and 40 in USA so we shall see what it costs in Spain. lol probably 220!

I think I shall pop tot he shop for more chicken - I am having a bit of an SS+ time at the moment and I think it is doing me good. Perhaps I might make the extra 20 minute drive to the only shop round here which sells cottage cheese. I wish I could get quorn here but unfortunately it isn't sold in Spain. I wrote to them and they don't recommend shipping it as it has to be kept refridgerated.

Hasta luego folks!


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Well my aim for the day is to glug glug glug. Didn't drink enuf yesterday as at work i only get one half hr break! Did try to fit loads in last night but it just wasnt going down. Today will be different however as i go salsa dancing tonite and i always get very hot and need to drink loads.

Tricep dips are fab for the old bingo wings girlies, think i will just put laptop down for a few minutes and do 3 sets!!!!!

Have a great day everyone x
So far I'm having a good morning due to the fact that I hopped on the scale and the 4 lb of water weight that I retained yesterday is already gone. I'll probably have an impressive loss this week because of it hehe! I'm rooting for 13 lbs!!!

The weather outside is dreadful, its freezing rain so while its water and all that, the minute it hits the ground, or car or window, it freezes into a thick layer of ice. I'm trying to figure out how long I need to leave myself to get to work at a relatively decent hour since I'm trying to go in early.

I just wish it could be summer again!


Back On Track!
S: 14st13lb C: 17st5lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 43 Loss: -2st6lb(-16.27%)
Good afternoon all

Having my lunch break and watching the Loose Women. Today its cappuchino flavour which I love. Apparently few other people request this product, according to my counsellor. For me it reminds me of 'cafe society' - whatever that is, ha ha! But I did use to be partial to popping into nice coffee shops, as much for the cakes as the coffee.

Thanks for awesome arm tips. Minniemel, the theatre offer applies until 12th Feb, but otherwise check on a website called Theatremonkey, which will tell you the best offers available, passwords to claim the offers etc.

Feeling a bit tired (totm) but otherwise doing fine x


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Ooh thanks for the heads up on the theatre tickets BB, I'll have to have a look! I'm not a big fan of the cappuccino shake but then I'm not a huge coffee fan. I like coffee flavour things, and if I have coffee it has to be quite milky, so that's probably why!

Enlighten I find Sundays my hard day too. They're often slow for me, so end up being quite tempted by food!

MM... maybe that's what I've been doing wrong all along, not chasing cats! Have you booked your cruise or just thinking about it?

AI I think an SS+ day or week every so often does us good. Probably mentally but it also can give your metabolism a boost. I have a really bad metabolism so I'm considering doing my add a meal type week every 6 weeks or so. You're 5ft 9in like me, so for us there's only about 60 calories difference between 4 packs a day and SS+ so shouldn't effect losses much at all.

Jam I really struggle getting the 2L in, not sure I ever hit it, I'm more like 1L. Which is really bad I know, I've never been one to drink much, isn't just because it's water. Hope you enjoy salsa tonight, I'd love to do something like that!

Aseyan I'm with you on wishing for summer! My feet were so cold walking home just now my toes were frozen and went numb. When I took my shoes off they were so numb I could barely walk, and they hurt!

I'm sitting here wrapped in my duvet and I'm still cold! I came in and the heatings been off all day so far. I didn't realise at first because I was so cold anyway. Hopefully it'll heat up soon! The John Mayer gig last night was amazing!! He's my all time favourite person ever so to be there, and be pretty close to the stage, I was rather happy! I'm considering telling my friend who didn't get tickets for this show to go to the Wembley one in May that he's just added on and to buy me a ticket and I'll go with him... it might work!

Was slightly naughty yesterday, some planned, some not. I was rushing around in the morning before my presentation so much that I forgot to have a shake, and forgot my packs to take with me for later. So it meant that I had to have lunch at uni, the salad bar was empty so I went for a plain chicken salad roll, was the best I could find! And then in the evening I'd planned to have dinner with my sister. She'd wanted to go to the chinese, which I mentioned last week, but instead I managed to persuade her to go to Nandos instead. I was quite impressed with myself there to be honest, stopped when I was full and tried to make sensible but nice choices. Didn't have breakfast this morning as I figured I could wait til I got home. Have jumped on the scales this morning and I was 0.3lbs up, hopefully it won't go up more!

My interview went well, I think. He asked what I wanted money wise and I was honest with him and said I didn't know and hadn't thought about it so would prefer he offered me a figure. Which he was fine with, he said that he hadn't had the chance to either. So he's going to call me on friday once he's had the chance to think and once I've had the chance to think what days/hours I'd like to work. It'll be 2 days, but it's up to me how I split that up. He said they've got a new negotiator starting next week so he wants to get him in and started first, and then start me the week after. So I think that means that I've got the job, just have to sort the finalities... I think!!

Wow, that's a long post, sorry! I'm going to go and put more layers on and grab my first shake. Which means finding the grid bit for my shaker, my housemates moved it off the draining board, but not that bit! Will be back later I'm sure. Hope you're all having good days x


Why Be Normal?
S: 192lb C: 192lb G: 138lb BMI: 33 Loss: 0lb(0%)
Afternoon Ladies --

I went to the gym - the pilates was more of yoga/pilates and my whole body hurts now! Just shows me how unfit I allowed myself to get. A year ago this time I was at my all time low weight for 13 years... and taking a pole dancing for fitness class. (Talk about hard work!) Now, I whinge having to hold a pose for a minute. After the class I did a loooooong walk on the treadmill (I was already over 10,000 steps when I came home for my CD soup at noon). I was at the gym for 3 hours! Can't do that every day -- and was probably only actually doing "work" for about of those hours.

Anyway, I'm back home and working on the chores. I'll need to showered up, change, do some errands, get my DD from her afterschool activity, then home to make dinner, walk the dog, etc. FUN.

CG -- Congrats on the JOB! Keep us posted.

ELme -- I order all my car parts from the States -- and even with shipping I save a fortune. RIP off UK is right.

Jam -- Have fun dancing... what a good workout that is.

Ase -- I wish it was summer, too. It's not as bad as where you are -- but they are expecting the orads to freeze tomorrow.



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greetings all daily peeps!

been a good day!!!!
WI this morning and im .5lb UNDER GOAL!!!!!! yayyyyy!!!! just wanna loose a few more lb on 810 this week, then will prob go to 1000 next week... we went through the plans etc, theyre a bit confusing in the book! so all good! im real chuffed, havent been this weight in so many years!

CG keep us posted on the job... sounds good though!!
I had the odd SS+ meal on a SS week, never did me any harm, in fact i think it helped in many ways... digestion was better, and helped moving up to 810, as i was kind of used to having the odd meal!

Hope all ok!


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Wow Aly well done, you must feel amazing!! Well done xx


Why Be Normal?
S: 192lb C: 192lb G: 138lb BMI: 33 Loss: 0lb(0%)
Congrats AllyB -- It sounds as if you are being very sensible about working your way back up and learning to manage your new weight. How exciting.



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Great news Aly, well done on getting 5lb under goal! Wow!

Had a pleasant day, lots of work-related chatting (which I enjoy) rather than the paperwork.

A bit disappointed that I won't be meeting up with a friend tommorow; he did warn me a couple of days ago that his back was in a bad way so might not be able to travel to London.

Watching TV awards show and about to have a soup, mmm, think tomato would be yummy.

Catch up later x
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Evenin all
had a bit of a busy day today so not been about much

well done everyone today :)

had to go to my grans this mornin to wash her hair, she's 90 and can't really do it herself and my aunt was at work, after work had to go and buy son a new lamp as his broke and he can't sleep in dark, came back without one so he's gonna have to use mine till I get one.
My dad and stepmum came over, they went to Australia end of nov to visit my sister and got back today. Stepmum noticed I'd lost weight, only started diet 2 weeks before they went, she said I look really good on it. Big compliment from her I can tell ya!!
Then just before they left their dog decided to be sick all over me carpet..... Wot fun!!

Hubs is watchin his team(Liverpool) v spurs I'm sat upstairs watchin my team (Blackburn) v villa and couldn't be bothered bringin laptop upstairs so I'm on here on my phone lol

looking forward to WI tomorrow morning :)


please try again
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evening all

just a quick update since i dont feel so good

well today had a hospital appointment for madam, just a routiene respiratory one. hmmmm 4 hours later we left hospital weighed down with 9 bottles of different meds to try, shes to be on a strong antibiotic for 6 weeks along with other meds
my weigh in should have been at 5 so i had no packs, left hospital at 6pm, my cdc bless her stayed late and i got to her at 6.45pm, not a great loss, 3lb for 2 weeks, must learn to behave
got home at 8.30pm and only just settling down to my first shake, i have a killer headache and i feel sick. some one please shoot me


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S: 160kg C: 147kg G: 100kg BMI: 47.9 Loss: 13kg(8.11%)
Claire -sorry to hear you are feeling sick - I hope you feel better soon.

My mum has just been for her weigh in and has put weight on... cos she has been nibbling on oatybix or whatever they are called. She was angry when she got back and to spite her body, she had a christmas pudding!
Where on earth is the logic in that!
She has decided to go back on SS.

I, on the other hand am giving myself a pat on the back for being very good all day. :)


Back On Track!
S: 14st13lb C: 17st5lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 43 Loss: -2st6lb(-16.27%)
Wishing you well Claire. I know you would have liked to lose more - but it is 3lb of fat eradicated and you have had added stresses with the heating breaking down.
Good Luck for next weigh-in x

Alexice, I think I share your mother's logic, even though it evidently doesn't make sense. Some of us are just strange ha ha! x

Hope there was harmony in your household Mandy, with two winning football teams? x

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