Worry you may take it too far?


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Does anyone worry they may lose too much weight?
I do. I know it's a far way yet but last time i lost weight (and I lost alot) i looked in the mirror and still saw someone fat. I used to go into the shops and still looked at the size 20 clothes (I was only a 12-14!) but was so used to buying big clothes.
My friend would say "you would look good in this" and I would look at it and think i couldn't get one leg in that and was surprised when it was actually baggy on me!
I worry I will get to my goal weight and still see that fat person and lose more weight than I should. I told my partner about it and he said he wouldn't let that happen, but I really do worry because I have been there before. Ok I did end up stopping myself and eating more healthy extras to stop losing the weight to the point of looking ill, but I do still worry.
I used to look at girls and think i wish i looked that slim but the truth was i was slimmer i just couldn't believe it because i had been big all my life.
Obviously that was before my life went really wrong and I pilled on the weight due to really bad depression.

But does anyone else worry? Maybe i'm just being silly :eek:
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When i was size 10 i thought i was fat, i used to think this as all my friends were size 8 so i was always the fat one . I used to not wear anything revealing or pretty , i hid away in stretch jeans and sweatshirts.

Now having been size 22, i know what big means to me, so hopefully when i get back down i will make the most of it.

I think it all psychological.


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Although I've never been vastly overweight for my height, the last time I lost a lot of weight (about 3 stone), I actually felt very much like you. I'm 5' 9 and was a size 12 but I still used to look at clothes when I went shopping and think I couldn't get into them! I would always pick up a size bigger. I felt really good in myself but I certainly didn't see myself as slim. However, looking through some pics a while ago, I saw a photo of myself taken at that time and I was gobsmaked......I looked really skinny....well ok, not skinny, haha but you know what I mean. I certainly didn't think I looked that slim at the time.
I don't worry about losing too much though and going to low, I think theres more to that than just dieting and I don't think theres ever a chance of me doing that.
I can't wait to get to goal so I can eat some more HE B's everyday!!!

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Just think though, you are older and wiser and know what signs to look out for. My Mum lost 9 st 8 many years ago on SW and we had never seen her look that thin to the point of her looking ill.....in the end my Dad pleaded with her to stop loosing the weight as her face looked hollow.
You know what weight is healthy for you, as Im sure you have set yourself a target to reach.....it will take a while for your head to catch up, but you will get there!
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I worry about this too. I have been over a size 14 since I was 13. So I have always been told, "you can't wear that" and I have always had a belly. Even when I was a size 16, I had the belly. My mate is a 16 and she can wear short tops but when I was a 16 I still had to wear long tops to cover my belly. I don't think I am ever going to feel happy wearing waist length tops until I am at least a size 12.

But then I worry if I am ever going to get to a size 12 cos I can't remember ever being that small. I guess I will just have to keep plugging away and see what happens.


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It's good to know I'm not the only one who worries. I am sure I won't be like that this time, and will actually be happy when I reach my goal weight. :)


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unfortunately i've never been anywhere near goal before.
I'd have to comment again when i've lost a fair few stone!