Discussion in 'Syn Values' started by mrsb111277, 17 January 2012.

  1. mrsb111277

    mrsb111277 Member

    How many sins is a normal bag of wotsits thanks
  2. Princess_Stevie

    Princess_Stevie Well-Known Member

    Every 20 calories = 1 Syn.

    I can't remember how many calories are in a packet, but say there were 80, they'd be 4 Syns.
  3. jodiewantstobeskinny

    jodiewantstobeskinny Active Member

    wosits are 5 syns for an 18gram bag xxx
  4. mrsb111277

    mrsb111277 Member

  5. jodiewantstobeskinny

    jodiewantstobeskinny Active Member

    no worries hun :) i fancy a bag now. forgot all about wotsits tbh! i shall have a bag in tomorrow's syns me thinks :) xxx

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