Wrong Reg On Parking Ticket Advice Please!!


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Hiya All,

Just been to take me nana to the doctors, no parking spaces inside, so parked on the road in a parking bay, (basically because nan cant walk far, thought they were part of the doctors anyway, didnt look at the signs)

An hour later came out, saw a PCN (Penalty Charge Notice) from the council on my windscreen.. Nice eh!!! :(

So When I got home and had a good look at the notice, it actually has a letter wrong, my Reg starts Y8, & they had put YB on the notice, went on-line to dispute it anyway but no penalty notice comes up for my ''ACTUAL'' reg, just the wrong reg the warden has typed in..

Whats your views?????????

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Percy greenfingers

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They'll not be able to trace you with the wrong number, but they usually take a picture so beware..Not sure about the legalities of it though. Shame when you were being sooo nice to your Gran...


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Best place to ask this sort of question is moneysavingexpert. If anyone on the net can answer your question the people there can!;)

Lard Arse

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I'm not sure where you stand legally but i don't think you'll get away with it. I know it's not quite the same thing but I had a chap at work who had paid the London Congestion charge on line and put OB in stead of 08 so consequently received a fine. When i called them to explain what happened they cancelled the fine. If these agencies will cancel a fine when the reg is wrong I'm pretty sure they'll up hold any that are wrong too although it might take them a while to find out by which time your fine could have increased. They're pretty strict with these things, I was parked for 2 days illegally and when I returned to my car I had a ticket which I paid, what I didn't know was that they'd also ticketed me for the day before but removed that ticket when they gave me the new one. It wasn't until a few weeks later that they wrote to me about the first one that I even knew it existed but I didn't have a leg to stand on and had to pay the increased charge on the first ticket.xx


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You should be able to get off of paying it as a 'technicality'. My uncle was cuaght speeding and when he received the official letter thru it had the wrong date on it - simply becuase of that it could not be upheld!!

Ask at Citizens Advice but I think the idiot that put the ticket on wrongly will be the only loser here!

Only consideration is whether CCTV caught you to back the ticket up? If not you should wriggle out no problem!

Goos luck hun xx


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i had a ticket with the wrong date on. any mistakes on a ticket render it invalid so you write to them and they invalidate it.


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If your reg no is wrong, the ticket is invalid. Same goes for if the location, time or anything is wrong, or omitted ;) We used to get enquiries like this a lot at work. Dont just ignore it though, some poor soul could end up with so much grief trying to sort it out. It wont matter if theres CCTV as youre not trying to say you werent there, youre just saying the ticket is wrong.

Just contact them and explain. And next time park legally :p:p


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2 of my mates are NCP PA's and they said it is most definataly invalid. :D