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Your Five Freebies

I'm really bored in the office today, and I can't find any really inspiring conversations going on online either, so I thought it was maybe my turn to start one.

You know on Friends, where they have a list of 5 famous people that they'd be allowed to, um, *insert suitable euphemism here*, without it having any impact on their current relationship -

Well, who would your 5 Freebies be?

I'll kick off with just 3 of mine - cos below that my list always gets a bit muddled.

I'd have

Colin Firth
Patrick Stewart (I know it's sad, cos he's quite old, and bald, but I think he's really sexy!)
Pierce Brosnan
and 2 others, as yet unspecified.

Who would yours be?
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Oh intresting thread lol!!! Mine would have to be
1. Gerrad Butler
2. Dermott o'leary
3. James gordan (Its more a personality thing)
4. Alan Shearer (my older man crush)
5. Wentworth Millar

I have just relised how varied my tate in men is lol!!
Oooh. I quite like Gerard Butler too.

I need lots of replies on here, to help me fill my last 2 spaces!

If I was a bit younger (or maybe a lot younger!) I'd definitely go for Tom Welling. But he really is too young for me.

I'm still thinking!
Hmmmm, I'd say...

- Shayne Ward (did you SEE him on X Factor last weekend, blimey!).
- David Beckham (he's getting hotter as he gets older).
- 50 Cent (guilt pleasure, sorry!).
- Rihanna (I've got a lot of lady love for her!).
- TBC.

I'll get back to you on my missing one - Colin Firth is a great shout though. x
Love this thread!
Mine would be...

1. Jack White (of White Stripes fame)
2. Christina Hendricks (Mad Men)
3. Leonardo DiCaprio
4. Michael Cera
5. Jospeh Gordon Levvit

Very odd mix I know....
1.wentworth miller... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
2.johnny depp.. but only if he'l dress up as a pirate for me haha
3.orlando bloom
4... i would also ** rhianna, i also have a bit of lady love for her too. haha
5.. ooo not that any of you guys will know, but we have a really hot ozzy dad at work. his wife is one very lucky lady. .. damn her.
fern we are the same id want jd to dress up as captain jack sparrow too lol


1 - Danny Dyer
2 - Danny Dyer
3 - Danny Dyer
4 - Danny Dyer
5 - Michael Buble

id want danny dyer four times just to leave a good imprint in my mind of how totally awesome he is :) and michael buble just because he is hotttttttttttt
Awesome thread!

1) Jack Bauer (NOT Kiefer Sutherland - it has to be JACK!)
2) Dominic Purcell (as Lincoln in Prison Break) OMG Mmmmmmmm
3) Wentworth Miller (put him and Linc together and I've got me a perfect man!)
4) George Clooney
5) Pierce Brosnan

Although I did have to think hard for number 4 and 5!


A happy downward spiral
1) Bruce Willis
2) Jeffery Dean Morgan
3) Dominic Purcell
4) Wentworth Miller
5) Jensen Ackles


Lot of love for Prison Break out there haha!
Ooo this has got me thinking ...
Bruce Willis
Simon Cowell
George Clooney
Pierce Brosnan
Mel Gibson
No particular order, but Bruce has been a fave since the Moonlighting days!
1. You guys reminded me of my Wentworth Miller love. Although only if he covers himself in tattoos, acts like a genius and meets me in a really intense, nail biting situation :D
2. David Boreanaz, I blame Buffy for this obsession
3. Pink...no explanation necessary
4. Jillian Michaels, come on, it would be AWESOMELY terrifying
5. David Mitchell...I don't know why...

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