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Your perfect wardrobe... what's inside?


a new way of living!
Hello :bliss:

I was just replying to another thread, and noted my favorite thing to say, about imaging your wardrobe filled with only one set of sized clothes, your perfect size, hanging neatly ready to slip over a slim new you.

what would be in your wardrobe?

In my 'fat' wardrobe has always been a selection of dark coloured shapeless stuff that I hope hides me sufficiently. :eek:

in my 'dream wardrobe' there are:

fitted jeans
fitted jumpers, t-shirts and shirts
a-line above the knee skirts and dresses
cardi twin sets that are bobble free!
knee high boots that actually zip up all the way up the leg
belts! yes real belts that emphasise a waist!
sexy undies
leggins with long jumpers - without looking pregnant!
sleeveless tops, to show off toned arms!

what is in your dream wardrobe?
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a new way of living!
lol! thanks.

happy to share! I've never had a sister to nick stuff off, although I did catch an ex boyfriend in my fishnets once! :D
Sob, I pretty much have my dream wardrobe, going to be a while before it comes back out but....

My beloved 28 waist rock and republic jeans that make my legs look really long and lifts my bum!
A beautiful Karen Millen dress that makes my waist look tiny!
My cheap primark skinny jeans that I lived in, made my legs look skinny and looked fab with sky scraper heels
t shirts that were fitted or without sleeves
White trousers!!!! I loved wearing them so much as it was such an achievement. I'd never wear White trousers when big!

I feel all emotional now but it's a good thing....no more [email protected]&ring about. It's time to crack this fatboy!
Great thread!

This autumn I was training for a half marathon. My sister is getting married this spring, and I was already saving up to buy a very special dress. I was just going to finish the half marathon first (did not fancy training and not eating) and then start training for weight loss and dieting - I would then have 6 months to lose 1 - 1 1/2 stone and get nice and toned.

The day before the half marathon, I found out I was pregnant....

I did run, but obviously the diet did not happen.... So now I am thinking Millets is the best place to get a dress for that wedding, lol! I will be in my third trimester and I get HUGE bumps!

Anyway, next year, next year........

Totally get the white trousers thing! I have a pair that were dead cheap in the sales so I bought them in my ideal size, but they have never been worn as I never managed to get there between pregnancies. I just try them on every so often just to see.... One day!


a new way of living!
ooooh white trousers, I would looooove to be able to wear white trousers again, the last time I think I was 15 and then I had a good sized arse! lol

I want those republic jeans!

also, when you are bigger, your feet ache more in heels, or is that just me? 12 stone on a size 4 is just not apreciated by my feet! lol
Trust me, 12 stone on size 7 is not that great either, but I can see the logic of that argument! Another reason to lose weight, lol!
Wow where to start!

Short skirts and tight dresses - I have been overweight my whole life so have literally never worn a skirt or dress above the knee in my entire life!

Bras which are pretty and sexy, not with huge cups and thick straps.

Trousers which are not black - I feel so heavy at the moment I only wear black trousers

High necked tops - my bust is so big I can only wear v-necks

White - never ever wear it, not even white t-shirts as I am too self concious that my giant disgusting 40F bra is showing through
Oh i love this thread:

Here is my wardrobe (and its a dream one as i could never afford it all)

Some designer jeans - 7 for all Mankind most likely!!! in a size 10 or 12.
A few boxes with classy Christian Louboutin shoes in - and some slinky Gina sandles for nights out.
Some fitted sets of Rigby and Peller undies, which are in a size small to medium!
A red backless Monsoon evening dress (that goes perfect with my heels!)
A see through Joseph blouse in white (to be worn with skinny jeans)
Short floaty summery skirts that are more feminine than anything!!!
Tight little tee shirts with cute ditsy slogans on - such as Hello Kitty etc!
Thigh high boots - (lol - yeah....just cos i cant do calf high boots up at the moment!)

I have loads of things in my head that i wanna buy!!! never EVER been skinny, so no idea if any of the above will come true. x
Ive never been a label girl, so anything that would show a figure really!
I want to wear.............. a white gypsy skirt and a white strappy top with a belt and not look like a big fat sweaty whale in the summer as i have to wear bulky clothes to hide my fat bits!!!!

I want......... not to have lines on my tummy where i try to fit in jeans that are way to tight!

I just generally want clothes to fit me better.


Fighting the bulge
My dream wardrobe -

A sexy bakini for holidays and general swimming
A fitted dress!!
Smart work clothes (i currently wear baggy horrible things)
Fitted jeans that dont sag on my bum!

I cant really think of anything else??

I'm the same a mommyb. I have loads and loads (far too many according to my other half) of lovely clothes. Far more than can fit in my wardrobe. I just need to get slim enough to feel good in them. I reckon a stone and a half would be more or less there.


a new way of living!
thanks everyone for your comments on a dream wardrobe, all I need now is to lose 3 stone and win the lotto so I can afford it all!

I am 40 in march 2011, and we are planning on going to New york, I really want to have lost and kept weight off by then so I can buy loads of clothes, and yeah the winning lotto ticket, lol.

I have some great little next ankle boots with a cute pointy toe, they are lush, but a size 3 1/2 and my feet are too fat to wear them at the moment! I would love to get into them again. but I am a size 4 to 4 1/2 again now.

we did a visualisation at our sw class once, a few weeks ago, and the image of a slim me has stayed with me (the image was on the beech in the maldives on my honeymoon this sept) I try to think of that whenever I want chocolate! lol

hope everyone is happy and well today :D love love love Helen :)