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your top favourite books

This is for any readers out there who want something to take their minds off food. I'm an avid reader of good stories. Here's a list of my all time favourites. What are yours?

  1. Pillars of the Earth - Ken Follett
  2. Fingersmith - Sarah Waters
  3. Along Came a Spider - James Patterson
  4. My Sister's Keeper - Jodi Picault
  5. A Voice in the Wind - Francine Rivers
  6. Cashelmara - Susan Howatch
  7. Private Peaceful - Michael Morpurgo
  8. Pay it Forward - Catherine Ryan Hyde
  9. These is My Words - Nancy Turner
  10. Star of the Sea - joseph O'Connor
  11. A Dangerous Fortune - Ken Follett
  12. A Place Called Freedom - Ken Follett
  13. Memories of a Geisha- Arthur Golden
  14. River God - Wilbur Smith
  15. Lucia, Lucia - Adriana Trigiani
  16. Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe- Fannie Flagg
This is all I can think of just now that I've absolutely loved.
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please try again
cage 11 - gerry adams
before the dawn - gerry adams
the whole shopaholics series - sophie kinsella
the appeal - john grisham
long walk to freedom - nelson mandella
the juror - john grisham
most things by mills and boons ( hate the historic ones )


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1. Dracula-Bram Stoker
2. Frankenstein-Mary Shelley
3. The Da Vinci Code-Dan Brown
4. Foucault's Pendulum-Umberto Eco
5. All Harry Potter-J. K. Rowling
6. The Other Boleyn Girl-Phillipa Gregory
7. The Boleyn Inheritance-Phillipa Gregory
8. The Fog-James Herbert
9. The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe-C. S. Lewis
10. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland-Lewis Carroll


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Ooh good thread. Lots of books in your lists that I haven't read.....yet!

My favourites:

Catch 22 - Joseph Heller
The Crimson Petal and the White - Michael Faber
Cider with Rosie - Laurie Lee
Lambs of God - Marele Day
Chocolat - Joanne Harris
Jack Maggs - Peter Carey
The Snapper - Roddy Doyle
The Poisonwood Bible - Barbara Kingsolver
Middlesex - Jeffrey Eugenides
The Way I found Her - Wally Lamb
Veronika decides to die - Paolo Coelo
Misery - Stephen King

That's all I can think of now. I will remember loads more once I've posted this :rolleyes:


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I've just finished reading 'A piece of cake' by Cupcake Brown, which is absolutely amazing. Definitely one of my favourite books.


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I see there are some very well read folks out there -puts me to shame lol. Unfortunately since finishing school and studies where I reluctantly had to read some very boring stuff, I rarely read for pleasure. But loved the Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella and anything by Maeve Binchy - her novels are mainly set in Ireland so might be particularly appealing to anyone like myself with some Irish connections.


please try again
OMG am i odd i dont read anything other than magazines :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:

*skulks into non reader corner*
lol i read all the different womens magazines every week, i love them

i tend to read a book a day thru sheer boredom, im a single mom to a disabled child so i hardly ever leave the house
Awwww i can see why you'd read alot being at home claire :)

Im out the house from 8.45 to 6pm working so just cannot be arrsed to read when im not working lol
There's a lot of books there I haven't read but Lion, Witch, Wardrobe is a favourite. Tinley I've read a good few on your list and forgot to add The Crimson Petal to my list cos it's one of my favourites too. Always meaning to read The Poisonwood Bible.
I read cos it helps me unwind. I like most books as long as the story is good. Funnily, I can't read magazines and most women love them- don't know why I don't like them.
I'm a bit of a sci-fi nut, I'm making my way through Ben Bova's bibliography at the moment, and Stephen Baxter has written some interesting books.

I'm quite a fan of old-skool sci-fi: stuff growing on Venus, people walking around there, that type of thing, so Robert Heinlein and Stanley G Weinbaum.

Non-sci-fi, I enjoyed Trainspotting, Glue and Porno by Irvine Welsh. Just waiting to read Skagboys. Robert Rankin's Brentford stuff is brilliant.

Wouldn't like to pin myself down to a top 10 or anything though.
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Just reminded me of reading 'trainspotting' years ago, had trouble to start with getting into the scottish lingo, so used to read it out loud so i could understand wtf they were saying!
Love any books really, non-fiction/biography/crime/horror with the odd chick lit thrown in. 'The jigsaw man' by Paul Britton is one of my faves, about his work in offender psychological profiling- gripping stuff. Just wish had more time to read.
I like a whole range:
Adriana Trigani: big stone gap series
janet evanovich: stephanie plum series
Shadows of the wind Carlos ruis zafron
The book thief
The lovely bones

Anything by jane green, sophie kinsella for a good trashy read

Sori off hand can't remember all the authors


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I love all of Chuck Palahnuik's work - he wrote "Fight Club" and "Choke", both made into films. But my personal favourite of his is "Invisible Monster", powerful stuff.

Another great author in the same vein is Douglas Coupland. For me, his stand out novels are "Girlfriend In A Coma" and "Hey Nostradamus!"

I recently read "The 19th Wife" by David Ebershoff, was very impressed by it, a real saga to get your teeth stuck into. A similar book is "The Hour I First Believed" by Wally Lamb. Had me laughing and crying - sometimes simulatneously!

Just a few of my favourites xx
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I love this thread!!! Have some brilliant ideas of what to read next....

Ok going to start with the books that I loved as a teen and work towards what I've loved recently!

The books of my teens, I re read them from time to time...

The Crysalids by John Wyndham (Sci-fi)
Z for Zacharias by Robert C O'Brien (Sci-fi but was published posthumously so there won't be any more :()
Empty world by John Christopher (more Sci-fi!)

The real stickers recently have been

the magic cottage by James Herbert
Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke
Labrynth by Kate Mosse
Sepulchre by Kate Mosse
My best friends girl Dorothy Koomson
p.s. I love you by Cecelia Ahern
The time travellers wife by Audrey Neffenegger

OK I've exceeded my ten by one, but what the hell!!!

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