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Your best bet would be to wear a heart rate monitor, so you know it's YOUR correct calories being burnt. Zumba classes vary so much in intensity, even with the same instructor, and different people work harder that others. I haven't done a class since getting my HRM, and I really must get round to it.
For now, I'd log it as "dancing, aerobic, modern ballet or twist" xx


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Iwill, what hrm do you have? I would like to get one for my running, but don't know anything about them. I take it they record calories burned also? How much are they roughly? The ones I have seen on my running forum are quite expensive!!


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I haven't worn my hrm to Zumba yet but a lady in my class dose and she burnt 650!!! Now she's fitter and healthier than me, as well as taller (not hard that one).

I'd put it in as cardio and high impact. I know classes vary but if your class is anything like the one I go to, everyone comes out bright red and glowing!!

I got my hrm from Lloyd's..
Yup, I RAVE all over the net about my £12.99 HRM from Lloyds. I think I should be on commission from them lol
I loose about 600kcals in my zumba class, it is quite packed so on the travelling moves there is not that far you can travel.


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Sounds like the class I go to.. 130 is the norm!! Luckily it's in a sports hall.
Ive been doing mine at home and I really need to get a HRM because Im a sweaty red mess when I finish, just as much as any aerobics/shred and I must admit I much prefer zumba.
I HRM wii zumba at about 400 for the 40 min session? That's at about 4/5 effort wise. I start at 100% going for it but come the end my arms won't go up anymore an my hip swinging looks a bit like an epileptic fit :) good stuff!! Kids find it hilarious!!!

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LOL Im with you on the dodgy hip swing, they do just sort of jut out in spasms by the end.

I also feel slightly idiotic at the jumping moves cos I know I cant do them, they are too quick for me to have any coordination with them. Im hoping perserverence shall bring coordination.
My gym offers zumba classes but I don't really know what it involves. Can anyone give me a rough idea? Do you need to be pretty fit?


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Charm..It's the most fun I have ever had in a fitness class :D You don't have to be fit you work at your own pace and everything is repeated. Some people in the class I go to stop for a breather Alison our instructor tells them just to keep marching on the spot for a minute then says come back to it.. I'll be very surprised if you don't enjoy it :)

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